[NBA\] soup God: I am old and will teach young people

The character Thompson humble for not recognized warriors achievements of the older players also expressed understanding and tolerance. He believed that this kind of phenomenon is actually very normal, even if he is old, will also like this to teach the next generation of young people’s. The Jinzhou warriors and Stephen curry has made remarkable achievements in this season MEN’S NIKE SHOX R3 SHOES WHITE/GREY/LIGHT BLUE/BLACK SUPER DEALS But look in the eyes of some of the older generation of players, warriors and curry because success is because they are in this day and age play. This is really a lot of older players, from Oscar Robertson to Barkley, from Fraser to Pippen, etc.. Old-fashioned players will shout “let these young people get out of our territory” and “if back to me to play I will Dabao” they like speech. As a matter of fact, the old one is complaining that the new generation is not a new phenomenon, and is not limited to basketball. This phenomenon exists in any corner of the American culture, the older generation of players and fans need to adhere to the idea that they have long been convinced that they will always feel that they are better than the contemporary era. The past is always better, this is actually a kind of psychological comfort. For the old players accused, some players will be very angry, then rudely answer back sarcastically. But Klein – Thompson did not feel so troubled, he expressed understanding. Thompson said: “I mean, no matter who it is, there will be such a day. It is possible that when my time is over, I am old, and I will be very tired of the younger generation. My father did it this way. He always said, we are now playing these people really is too soft, but I think this is actually very normal.” Since entering the league. Clay Thompson is humble, approachable image show, Thompson has always believed in the “hard work and stay humble can succeed”. In the course of the intentnesses makes him a deadpan, no matter how much more money into the three ball he will not celebrate crazy. Thompson’s father, Thompson – Michael is the 1978 NBA draft pick, but also the Lakers’ Showtime Dynasty, an important member of the team. Along with the magician, Thompson in 1987 and 1988 to get the NBA championship. Old Thompson is now Los Angeles a radio sports talk show host removal, Father also often on the show to talk about “the early days”. But the father was so proud of his son’s achievements. Author: Hu Hu