[NBA] really tried! Dream boom 32+15+9 soared 6 three into the second person in history

June 20th report: Beijing time in June 20th, the warriors at home 89-93 lost to the knight, to 3-4’s big score lost the finals. Drummond – Green voted 11 to 15 boom 32 points and 15 rebounds and 9 assists, his third ball 8 throw in 6, but in the fourth quarter, he can only get 4 points, was to prevent sticking and ultimately failed to help the warriors to win the championship. After being banned for green in Game 6 of the 7 throws 3 only had eight points, although he also had 10 rebounds and 6 assists the data, but on the offensive end failed to provide enough firepower to the team. This series is only the first two saigelin scored in double figures, he picked up the urgent need of warriors. The opening of a Green Lebron mark, he wants to make the chance for izeli, but the latter did not fit into the. In 10 minutes and 13 seconds, he finally got the chance to get rid of the ball defense dunk. At Barnes put into three points, green at a 45 degree angle also tried to sell, firmly hit warriors in the momentum finally pinned the opponent. After a pause, Green assists his hit three points. The warriors repeatedly tackles an opponent on the defensive end, Green in 5 minutes and 03 seconds. Lebron, let Thompson beaten back. Section at the end of 1 minutes and 26 seconds, Green breaks through the basket below Jefferson layup. He scored 7 points and 3 assists in the first quarter of 3 shots, but the warriors are still 3 points behind. Second section of the warriors in the fight against the score is also very difficult, but in 49 minutes and 8 seconds, Green once again hit the 45 degree angle of three points, shot very confident. The teams were alternately rising, in addition to Curitiba, the warriors the most reliable point of attack is Green. In 5 minutes and 56 seconds, Green in the top of the arc and then into the three points; 4 minutes and 09 seconds, he took Iguodala pass, and into a ball. After a pause, Green roll after finding vacancies, again decisive shot three points, or hit! This is he this fifth three pointers, as if the water brothers feel are transferred to him. 2 minutes and 28 seconds, Green and back to play JR, easily rolled into the basket 2+1. Warriors gradually from the potential, when Barbosa also scored three points, the warriors have to expand the lead to the maximum of 7 points AIR JORDANS 1 HIGH “CHICAGO” SHOES FOR SALE ONLINE NEW RELEASE He became the protagonist of the most shining in the first half, 10 voted 8 cut 22 points and 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals, many American reporters have begun to discuss him fmvp. At the start of the second half, Green continued to try three points in the fight, which was not a hit. Thompson timely find feel, even cut 5 points, Knight also bite and hold, when Jr in back-to-back third shot. Irwin and break layup after warriors directly tied. Warriors in the first half there are three points to 14 points shot is no confrontation, but the second half of the knight will not be the effect, especially for Green’s defense. But green a not obviously will let warriors into trouble, he on the perimeter is almost a ball surrounded, coupled with a decrease in curry feel, Knight not only, also opened the score the. In 4 minutes and 33 seconds, he made a breakthrough in the break Green foul to 2+1. At 3 minutes and 03 seconds, Green finally got a foul on the perimeter, the three penalty in the whole of the second half to break the scoring drought. 2 minutes and 30 seconds, Greene got vacancy, curry’s pass let Knight up against less, green piece immediately hand cast into the 6 record three points, the warriors played 8-1 wave flow to tie the score. It is worth mentioning that, Green has also become the finals in the history of the second players in the G7 into 6 minutes three players, the last one or Battier. To start the fourth quarter for a warrior is Knights of the big three successive score, after a pause, green LeBron breakthrough layup. This is his career playoff second 30 +. 6 minutes and 18 seconds, Green sent the key assists, let Klein hit long distance 2 warriors, to regain the lead. In 5 minutes and 37 seconds, Green grabbed the key offensive rebounds, successful off bulan. Lebron broke a knight continued life, although Green continued to rebound, but in 2 minutes and 15 seconds, he failed to score three points. Irwin in key last 53 seconds of the three knight took the lead, can not hit three points in Curitiba 30.7 seconds. Warriors can only take foul tactics, in the last 10 seconds, green LeBron to break the vicious foul, let LeBron pain fell to the ground, half day did not get up. And LeBron free throws, the Knights are leading 4 points, and the ultimate warrior also at home lost seven games, lost the championship. Author: Kewell