[NBA] children’s arm splitting shame harden advance secretly by an unknown path buckle succeeded excited like to win

On June 28 reported: rocket in the cornerstone of the harden, although the defensive focus, was also awarded the “five embarrassing” MVP, but the offensive end does have a set. He can dribble and shoot the crotch with a seamless heavenly robe can also hit the shot, before anyone back step. Body for former thunder three little one, and Kevin Durant is same, he also likes in the training battalion abuse “pupil”, but less Du like on the defensive end mad send cover cap, and harden was used to in the offensive end destroy opponent’s view of the world. Recently, harden’s youth basketball training camp. According to the Convention, the organizers also set up a star with small players singled out link. This time, harden refresh the world outlook is a little white friends. I saw the ball on the defensive player harden, small, the two sides kicks off in the basket. While harden crossovers, while the battle and retreat, back to the top of the arc after the three – point line, began to harden the continuum before dribbling. During the period, small defenders quite positive, he even tried to steal the ball for harden. And harden homeopathic with his left hand make a crotch dribble fake, at the same time, but with the left hand fingers behind to pick the ball, the ball crossed the small players head flew to the area behind him NEW BALANCE 999 MEN WHITE CHRISTMAS DEALS After a series of actions, Harden still pretending crossovers. Because harden fake is too realistic, and extremely fast, small players are not aware of the ball has reached behind him. When small players feel bad and distracted, harden from right without the ball empty cutting, step off small players, grabbed the ball started Tomahawk chop buckle procurable. Although the small players running behind, but also can only look on helplessly. After split button to complete the, harden walk right through the game, came to ringside was excited about the small fans mobbed, harden himself is sky roars, as if to win the general excitement, the scene is full of childlike. And when the background emperor of the small players, can only be very embarrassed to laugh out. Have mixed feelings, the young players won the essence of eyes defense, the whole process, he did not even understand Chu ball’s whereabouts, sport is also reasonable. Although the plot is somewhat nonsensical, but does not interfere with the wonderful harden training camp. Fawkes sports commented: “step back and say, harden the training camp is still nice.” However, after the emperor to be cautious and defensive when must keep a watchful eye on basketball, not to be fake confused. Author: Small Red Army