The number of [NBA] delivery: Hi Pu Ben! “The Raptors do not pit

NBA today and two playoffs, come and look at the data record, splash brothers Qi Fawei Thompson scored 33 points, curry 29 points, two people help the warriors beat the Blazers, with G5, resulting in a 4-1 in the Western Conference finals. This is spray brothers the 2 times in a locked in the final battle of the series victory scored 25 points, another is on April 26 last year, the pelican G4, curry 39 points, 25 points, Thompson warriors swept the pelican. Before the bloom brothers and on time with the lock series victory and the war on two teams starting backcourt scored on 25 points is on April 29, 2002, the Mavericks Finley (30 points), Nash (25 points), they eliminated the Timberwolves. The pioneers of this round of the series, warriors 5 battle were 118.6 points, this is since 1992 (Western Conference semi finals in five games, the Portland Trail Blazers 125.4 points, the sun were 122.2) since, a team in a round played at least five games of the series in the highest scoring. The Raptors in the backcourt finally back to Yong Lori and DeMar Derozan today add up to 59 points, 14 rebounds, 5 steals, help the Raptors beat the heat, take the G5, now a 3-2 lead 2017 AIR JORDAN XXX1 GS “N7″ LASTEST Since the NBA in the 1973-74 season began to statistics steals data, only the addition of a team first mover backcourt in a playoff game (non overtime) of the data at least do these figures. It was April 26, 1991, the Spurs Willie Anderson, rod – Strickland Pedja up by 68 points, 16 rebounds and 7 steals, the Spurs beat the warriors. Author: Qiao Tete