[NBA] McGrady was elected to the hall of fame because of the relaxation of Weber Weber why lose to him?

April 2nd: earlier today, 2017 Naismith Hall of fame announced the official list of former NBA player Tracey Mcgrady officially selected, selected together and there he won the Cerf The Associated Press female athlete of the year – Rebecca Lobo and two elected The Associated Press best college coach Bill – Tracy McGrady, lost to rivals include former NBA player Chris Webber, Tim Hardaway, Rudi Tomjanovich, Sidney moncrief et al. As the Rockets have 1, Tracy McGrady in the Chinese fans, of course, very popular, but it can be said that career, personal honor, Tracy McGrady really Biweber, Hardaway a lot better? Or that he was selected behind, what is worth guessing the mystery? 2 years ago, the Naismith Hall of fame changed a series of rules, one of the most concerned about the qualification of the players nominated from the retirement of the 5 season shortened to a season of 4. That is, according to the original rules, announced in August 26, 2013, retired Tracy McGrady and can not be selected this year, last year’s star studded O’neal, Iverson and the United States should join hands this year to enter the hall of fame in the last year. In the hall of fame selection process is as follows, by the North American Committee (9) and (7) women’s basketball committee responsible for the nomination, the former can be submitted to the 10 candidates, the latter can be submitted to the 2 candidates, then we set the final vote nomination scope, 2011, Hall of fame designated 4 new members, including contributors Committee, international players Committee, Committee veteran and early African players Committee, the 4 Committee may elect a candidate directly NIKE FREE 3.0 V2 MEN BLACK BLUE DISCOUNT The list of candidates will be submitted to the audit committee, including the team, coach, retired veteran Association Association, and other high-level basketball referees Association, and sports management personnel, the approval, the last step is composed of hall of fame players, including former team executives, media and other contributors to the anonymous vote 24 the Honorary Committee, obtained 18 votes will determine the selected candidate. Such a complex set of rules down, we have reason to believe that the choice of the hall of fame is fair and open results. But in recent years there has been a trend in the hall of fame: the selection of young players. This has to do with the hall of fame’s finances, although the hall of fame is a non-profit, but they also need a lot of capital to operate. Pavilion construction, souvenirs, held ceremonies, to spend a lot of money, from its inception in 1959, the hall of fame had experienced a number of financial crisis, in order to improve the situation, the hall of fame need more attention to, like last year, Yao Sha, like Iverson can attract the media player at the ceremony site. McGrady’s hand is so named his strengths, but also to the healthy development of the hall of fame, after this, Duncan, Garnett and Kobe, they are destined to be a hall of Famer, believe that after 5 years of fame awards, will be more spectacularly than last year. Author: John