[NBA] infighting Lebron TT court scolded each other after a few minutes after the emperor apologize and good

April 3rd reported: Today knight and Walker were in a fierce battle, both sides played 2 overtime, the final 135-130 victory in game and knight, Lebron, and teammate Thompson broke out in a fierce quarrel. This scene appears in the second overtime the last 26.5 seconds, at the scene of the suspension, the Cavaliers to the sidelines, Lebron rushed in front of Thompson complained about what, but Thompson angrily turned around, pointing to Lebron kuangpen several sentences. After Lebron spread his hands, do not know what it means, and then he went back to find the coach, Thompson side is still angry back. The two to the bench, the argument continues, both sides of the mouth kept, Thompson angry face, facial expression distortion. After the game, the two also talked about the matter, Thompson said: we are family, it was just a mistake.” “It was a mistake, and I had a good conversation with Thompson, for a good purpose,” Lebron said. “Of course, it doesn’t look good. I apologized to Thompson afterwards, and it was not good for me to have such a public offer.” Knight coach Lu said that the two have been reconciled. “It shows that our players are very concerned about defense,” Lu said. “They’re frustrated. That’s what you want to see.” According to the scene of the United States reporter revealed that Lebron was scolded in the defense of Thompson, that his poor defense, and Thompson is very angry, the same back to scold the Lebron. Anyway, victory is the most important. The Cavs won a hard game, Lebron played 52 minutes, the Cavaliers have a game on Wednesday, Lebron said he would be ready to play, Lu said he would make the final decision CHEAP TO BUY MEN’S NIKE AIR MAX 90 ULTRA BR 86DHEDN Author: Qiao Tete