[NBA] dig Knight defender Schubert intends to expose rockets or expiring contracts

February 23rd report: according to the famous NBA reporter Marc Stein news, Houston rockets intends to get before the closing date of the Cleveland Cavaliers defender Schubert. Another move God Woj also paid attention to the dynamic transaction of the rocket, he once said earlier, after Lewis Williams, the Rockets are still looking for the possibility of reinforcement. Woj revealed that the Rockets want to get an annual salary of 10 million -1200 million between the players, the chips are expiring contracts or cash. Schubert in the summer of 2015 and the Cavaliers completed a 4 year contract extension of 40 million. But he was not satisfied with the performance of the contract after the last season, although the Cavaliers won, but Schubert field can only contribute 5.8 points and 3.8 rebounds, hit rate of 37.4%. He had a lot of problems throughout the summer, and he had been arrested for drunk driving and possession of marijuana. This year, though, his stats were 7.8 points and 2.9 rebounds, with a total of three points of about $40.3%. But in the rush to fill strong Knight view, but Schubert’s team trading chips, not this year, the remaining 2 years of his contract in 21 million 300 thousand, knight in a few days with the wolves about Rubio, or discuss the knight and the sun, but the other is not interested in 15-16 REAL MADRID BLUE EUROPA POLO SHIRT Since it is out of contract in the contract year, rocket team respectively, Ennis and Macdaniels (within 18 year contract expires, but last year the team option). But these chips than the other knights being negotiated, and not enough to see clearly. The Cavaliers are more likely to have a stable field in the second tier and provide some points or defense. So it’s not enough for the Rockets to deliver the expiring contracts. Maybe Beverly could be a bargaining chip. With the arrival of Lewis – Williams, the Rockets will be more emphasis on offensive. With harden has been completely transformation one bit, Gordon occasionally can control the ball field, Lewis is also a double guard, so the existence value of Beverly is not too big, but is also interested in the type of knight. Beverly’s contract expires in 2019, but decreased for the next two years, this year is 6 million, 5 million 500 thousand and 5 million, to pay tax the knight, would be a good choice. The same Ariza may also appear in the transaction, but the knight may not be much of his demand, if Ariza joined the transaction, I am afraid to pull third parties into the transaction. Author: Li more