[NBA]LBJ: is still not playing but Mr Varin Toronto.

The Cleveland honest people’s news “, knight to be launched and Toronto’s Eastern Conference finals contest, raptors center Vallance Yunus G1 or armistice, G2 played the doubtful situation, but Knight said Mr Varin fight or not, of their preparations for the has no effect. “Vallance Yunus is now observed daily,” Raptors coach Casey said, “I will focus on the reaction of his body again. G2 to play may still be very difficult. As for the whole of the Eastern Conference finals are not playing, it is difficult for me to say.” Vallance Yunus is the Raptors starting center, postseason averaging 15 points and 12.1 rebounds, he is in Miami and G3 spraining his right ankle, after continuous truce 4 games. In the fall Jonas Vallance, billom Bo first displacement in 4 games, 3 games are played two pairs of data. “Obviously, they are raptors, the key to success this season,” LeBron said, “they for the Toronto Raptors to create different threats. They can do OOP dunks, Billon in the basket around the end of Boneng attack, have strong ability of movement. Vallance Yunus is obviously very well, but his words, the Raptors play may be some more systematic and methodical. By billom Bo words, Toronto was more open to attack, giving them more balance. Since Jonas Vallance was injured, Bi Yongbo created a different threat for them.” Billon Bo is 2011 7 show, before four season with the lynx (now the Hornets) is not a color, the season is he in the Toronto Raptors for the first season, he averaged 5.5 points, 8 rebounds and 1.6 blocks. He found a home, he now has a stable appearance time, coach Casey has a very good training for him, Knight Commander in chief Lu said. “He is a tough guy,” Loew said. “He did well to fill the blank Vallance of Jonas. We don’t know when I can see Vallance Yunus battle, but Bo billon is a tough guy, we must let him stay away from the game he played, full of energy, he will give the team to create additional chance to attack MEN’S SNEAKERS NK AIR MAX 90 BLACK / PINK FOR SPRING We need to deal with it.” “Our preparations are still the same, no matter what the players go to the war, what the players truce,” Lebron said, “we are still the same as pushing the offensive rhythm.” Author: Qiao Tete