We live in Germany and [NBA] hair piece ball: Dad is the greatest player in the world!

April 2nd: the season, because surgery is currently idle Fu injured Joel embid De of course still pay close attention to NBA news, at the same time, he is still active in social networks, full of ridicule opponents and teammates. Recently, Ben – Simmons in the live broadcast of the time, Nebid made a topic on the funny comments. He said: “the Laval – Bauer is the greatest basketball player in history!” Simmons is the last champion show (this season), and langzuo – Bauer is one of the most talked about college players, is also seen as a draft to three CIS candidate position. However, we can not say de langzuo, but his father laval. Recently, there is a sense of Bauer and his son mad brush in the media, Lawal even singled out shouting they can win Jordan, let him to become the laughing stock of the network. Nebid apparently also keep up with the trend, but also to take this Terrier ridicule ball father”. But when he was in the live broadcast of the comment is also particularly funny, I do not know if it is provocative. He often ridicule play live players, such as Chandler Parsons; right around comments in the thunder on the magic of the game, he commented on Weiss’s three key points, said two words: “Kobe”. In a word as a new-new generation, we de play social network called “666”, as the hand piece is definitely promising FOR SALE PANDORA SILVER PLATING SCREW THREAD IRREGULAR SILVER FOIL BLACK GREY MURANO GLASS BEAD CLEARANCE Author: Kewell