[NBA] James: defending Green? I have a good way to G4 is still a battle of life and death

Although knight on a killing warriors, will pull the finals into 1-2, but LeBron James does not meet, he said they would still like a third, fourth as battle of life and death to fight. A game, Knight evolutions because of absence of Loew, 36 year old veteran Jefferson is mentioned first, James played four more. The game, especially in the first quarter, James, Green, the mighty striker, the effect is good, not only to get the other side into foul trouble, but also feel cold. In the end, Green in the last 36 minutes, 8 cast 2, only to get 6 points, while James scored 11 points and 32 rebounds, both ends of the offensive and defensive performance. In the first quarter, after the success of the scoring, James rushed Green roar, vent his feelings. After today’s training, James attended the conference, he was asked to be asked how to defend the problem of Green. He said there is some mystery, “to defend him, I took a different mentality, because you start position is perimeter players, or a big man, will let your idea become different. You have to change your way of thinking, from the mentality to make changes, you have to think of yourself as a big man, this is my mind.” He was also pleased with the adjustment, “after Kevin can not play, the coach told me, let me start on the defensive Drummond. In this way, I will have to position itself as a big man, to defend another big man, more involved in the melee WOMEN’S NIKE FLYKNIT AIR MAX SUPER DEALS This is a different attitude, but I feel good about it.” Third James said before the game, showing that this game will be the battle of life and death. Now, he said that their mentality has not changed, “or the same attitude, the same mentality. We can’t bear the consequences of 3-1, can’t let them get confidence, and then go to their home to play fifth games. So fourth games for us, is still a non life and death of the game.” Author: Zhang Qiang