[NBA] Odom and steal drink this what consequences?

After last fall almost drowning in the brothels of major ups and downs, retrieve a lives Odom should have self love is, however, disappointing, he was unable to control themselves, began to drink. According to gossip website TMZ just got the news, Odom today and friends coming together to the Beverly Center, when friends in when buying a pair of shoes, Odom is candid to buy wine swilling. Odom is quietly went to the shopping malls inside the bar to buy drinks of, from the photo can be seen, his body is a little fat, in the drink he also four looked. It is reported that Odom bought the wine is brandy MENS PUMA DOSHU COMBAT IN WHITE/BLUE ONLINE In the process of drinking Odom also with a few women to chat up, after he dropped 60 dollars on the left. Last fall, Odom was found athymia, in a brothel in Nevada serious coma, sent to hospital. At that time, he is also taking aphrodisiac, drug abuse, and drinking, lead to almost died. After a year of rescue, rehabilitation treatment, Odom was finally restored most of the body’s function, he had to Khloe Kardashian swear, said I no longer drink, drugs, did not expect so soon he will self destruct vow, again drinking, it seems really bad habits do not change. And, this is not the first time Odom did so, during the Easter season, he was photographed in a bar drinking. Odom has said that he still wants to return to the stadium one day to play, but in accordance with his current autonomy, this day I am afraid it is impossible to come. Author: Qiao Tete