[NBA] Nowitzki comeback pace sharp 17 first half points total appearances with Kobe

December 24th: the NBA regular season continues, the Mavericks away against the clippers, the Mavericks ace Nowitzki injury, at half time he scored 17 points. The last time Nowitzki played or played 26 Cavaliers last month. Then his Achilles tendon pain continues to miss again 2017 JORDAN HYDRO 4 WHITE CEMENT-GREY RED TOP DEALS Taking into account the Mavericks record poor, simply let Dirk little injury big raise. Coach Carlile said the original Dirk has been able to play, but in order to health considerations, or let the full recovery after the continued appearance of Dirk. And Dirk himself is very cautious, before the last game to participate in training but decided not to fight. This is finally back. Dirk today as the starting center position, counterpoint small Jordan. The Mavericks apparently also specifically made for Dirk to play center layout, make full use of space, he had a jumper with high arc, crisp sound hollow net. Dirk soon rest, but after coming back feel still stable. In small Jordan after the end, Dirk fully demonstrated his inside: low step with Spec, underhand layup, but he grabbed two consecutive front plate or buzhong. After he and Williams played in the classic roll, Dirk Shun, easy to put the ball in the. In the second quarter period of stalemate, the Mavericks offense completely no way. This time back to the familiar position and familiar with the game, Dirk in three from out of pocket stable shot, immediately hit! A turn, is also positive around it, Dirk fine hand type, again high Fort shot, still hit. Then the line step jump shot and scored 8 points in 2 minutes. Dirk played 15 minutes in the first half of the 12 throws in the 7, the ball scored two points in 3 points to get 17 points and 4 rebounds in three. He didn’t play because he protected the second half. But 17 points is not only the highest in the first half, but also the team’s high score of second. The number of appearances came to the field of Dirk 1346, equalling Kobe ranked eleventh all-time. The Mavericks also by Barnes winner won the game. This may be the Mavericks fans and management most expect results. Dirk health efficient, teammates help win. Dirk’s mission is coming to an end, and it’s time for young people. Author: Li more