[NBA]KD declined to discuss the free market: I want to hug his team-mates

Beijing time on May 31st, the thunder’s 88-96 loss to the warriors, suffered a fatal losing streak, was reversed opponent eliminated. This is the third time in Durant’s career in the Western Conference finals were eliminated, after the game he was also very low mood. But despite the frustration that Freddy did not reveal any want to leave thunder attitude, asked the next free market, he said: “we 30 minutes ago before losing the Western Conference finals, I didn’t want to this problem. Now I just want to hug my teammates, the next will be slow to review the performance of the season, so there is no time to think of those.” ESPN expert Adad also said: Adu said many times after the game, it sounds like this is not a farewell to the thunder. He was eliminated after the sad with Lebron in 2010 when the state is completely different.” He also said: “the feeling of losing is very sad, especially we also made the lead 3-1 PANDORA MONSTER HEAD SILVER ANIMAL CLEARANCE SALE AUTHENTIC ….. Everyone in the fight every minute, so lose a series of good uncomfortable. But I believe that when you sit down and look back at the experience of the season, you can be proud of our entire management effort. We are all so love the game, but also to pay so much effort, in the training of each day, you can feel the passion. I’m really proud that the whole team can be so united and support each other in this season, this is a special place in the basketball game.” “In the last two games we beat us by three points.” He said, “we are better than them in other ways…… But that’s just the way it is.” When it comes to seven games to decide the outcome of the round, Freddy Adu said: “(IBA) for curry of the third foul, for us too deadly, it hurts too much. There are a lot of games in this series.” “We are directed at the championship, so there is no spiritual victory at all.” Adu said. Weiss after the game, said that the library inside the thunder got a lot of points, the team rotation out of the problem. “He did invest in some difficult shots.” Weiss said. When asked whether curry in the race altercation with Weiss immediately disassociate themselves with the “enemy”, said: “I’m not going to talk to him, I was in communication with the referee.” Author: Kewell