The [NBA] library was out of control? Cover + 3 for Irwin anger with the defense team not roar

Beijing time on June 11th, ushered in the NBA finals game 4. Today’s game, rhythm seems still lies in the hands of the knight, the score has been very close. The second section is left in less than five minutes when, Knight again show the defense actively, has always been batch Irwin also sent brilliant defense, anger Gaikuli. Has opened up the situation, curry also appears to be a little anxious, before the tegmentum, roar teammates Ezeli, think he did not fill in time to prevent LeBron, LeBron Ginobli assists Jr. Subsequently Irwin and curry continued rivalry, only one round, two series have cast 3 do not touch, eye popping MEILLEURS PRIX NIKE AIR TAVAS HOMME CHAUSSURES SUR MAISONARCHITECTURE FRANCE BOUTIQUE1100 AUTHENTIQUE Author: Dou Dou