[NBA] tin handsome: to KG time to decide whether to retire Downes: in fact, he wanted to play

July 19th: ESPN news, the new president and chief executive of the forest wolf Thibodeau is still waiting for Garnett’s decision. Retired or not retired, he wants to give A Garnett time to consider NIKE 2016 KWAZI 844839-600 WOMEN/MEN WINTER SNEAKER DISCOUNT “We have to give him time.” Thibodeau said. Last season, Kobe has announced his retirement. Not long ago, the Spurs legend Duncan also announced the decision to retire. Now, we are concerned about whether Garnett will continue to fight. Last week, Taylor, the owner of the forest wolf, suggested that while Garnett was still trying to play in my heart, he had a great influence on him, so he could retire. Minnesota’s second grade inside downs said that he in the offseason has been Kevin Garnett and keep in touch, he believes Kevin Garnett is also want to continue to battles, but he has yet to be weighed all the factors. “I’ve talked to him a lot.” “I don’t know what he’s going to do,” Downes said. He has the right to decide for himself, and that is the treatment he deserves. He’s like a big brother to me. If he set foot on the battlefield once again, we are happy, we will be very good. If he decides to hang up his boots and never wear them again, he is well matched with the right to have such a decision.” “All of us are waiting anxiously. Only God and Garnett knew what they wanted to do.” If in accordance with the contract, Garnett’s contract has a season before maturity, the next season’s salary is $800. Kevin Garnett in the NBA played 21 seasons and won a championship, 4th in rebounding, the 2003-04 season MVP, all star MVP, defensive player of the year awards, 15 times selected all star lineup, the nine selected NBA team (first team), 12 selected the best defensive team (9 first team), is a legend. Author: Qiao Tete