[NBA]: prospective Harden dialogue Wade Butler rockets to capture the bull to avoid losing 3

Reported on March 10th: Houston rockets (44 wins and 21 losses) has suffered a series of losses, and on the 11 day they will be a challenge to the Chicago bulls (31 wins and 33 losses). Harden should strive for a better performance, Anderson is expected to return, he tried to drive the team outside the offensive, the Rockets away to fight for a rebound, they swept the bulls to the season. The bulls have suffered 3 consecutive defeats, Wade should be back at home, he and Butler to play a role in driving the team, the Bulls want to rebound in the home to get back the feeling of winning. (Beijing time at 9 o’clock on March 11th at the United Center CCTV-5 live) at home against the jazz, the Rockets lost the ball, they have suffered a loss of 2. At present, the Rockets are still ranked third in the west, they lead the Jazz in the last 3 games, they need to get back as soon as possible to win the feeling. Harden is the team leader, he did not help the team in the offensive side, when he was in Chicago to keep attacking the opponent’s defense. At the same time harden or Rockets offense engine, his passing can drive up the team, he will continue to play the leading role in Chicago, good team’s offensive. Lewis – the arrival of Williams to further enhance the Rockets perimeter attack, but the last two of their attacks as before, as a threat. When they were in Chicago, the Rockets needed an outside line to try to recover the offense, especially to find an outside shot. Anderson is expected to return in Chicago, which is good news for the team, his return on the one hand can enhance the strength of the team inside the team, on the other hand, the team outside the line and an attack point. Not only is Anderson, the Rockets also need to harden, Lu Wei, Ariza et al found the touch on the outside, Beverly also want to bring more support in the backcourt attack. Inside Cappella, Nene and Harel also has to play, it is more important for them to have a better performance on the defensive end, to help the team to protect the rebound, protect the paint. There was Lopez in the bulls and he was doing well and the Rockets needed to pay special attention to him PUMA COMPLETE EUTOPIA RUNNING SHOES BROWNTAN NEW RELEASE Ariza and Beverly are facing little defensive pressure, they will be the main weapon against the likes of Butler and Wade. The situation is not as good as the bulls, they have suffered 3 defeats, the team is only ahead of the eastern half of the heat of the game ninth. In the last 10 games, the bulls have only a game of 5 wins and 5 losses, while the heat is at a loss of 7 wins and 3 losses, with the difference between the two teams. Wade has resumed training, coach Hoiberg said he should be playing with the Rockets, which is good news for the bulls. With Wade, they will have more options in the offensive side, and the dual core of the combination of Butler and Wade will make the team more competitive. Butler is the undisputed leader of the team, the team needs a victory rally he must stand up. Butler not only to play the team’s offensive organizers, but also to show a more aggressive, he wants to put pressure on the offensive side of the rockets. Lopez, poltys to put pressure on the Rockets inside, outside Grant, Zipose et al to bring help. In February 4th, the Rockets in the home court after extra time in a 121-117 win over the bulls, the Rockets team ended the 2 game losing streak against the bulls. In nearly 6 times the two teams clash, the Bulls won the game of 4. Home court against the Rockets, the bulls have won 3 in a row, the rockets on a trip to Chicago to win in December 26, 2012, winning 120-97. The two sides are expected to the Rockets starting lineup: Beverly, Ariza, Anderson, Cappella harden, Bulls: Grant, Butler, Pohl Thys, Lopez, Zipose Author: Evan