[NBA] Knight champion parade is the best slogan: TT 23>73 fight back Green speech

According to the Cleveland honest people reported that the Knights held a grand ceremony in the center of the city of Cleveland, in order to celebrate the 52 year of the city once again won major professional sporting events champion. Millions of knights fans took to the streets to participate in this grand parade. The fans also brought a variety of creative slogans parade, all sorts of strange things. Which a young fans holding the slogan is “honest newspaper” reporter snap, and was voted the best slogan of the victory parade. The fan’s slogan is very simple, only 5 characters: “23>73”. The meaning of this slogan is very clear, Jinzhou warriors in the regular season achieved 73 wins and 9 losses in the history of the best record and how? Our 23 star James Lebron has led the team to win the championship. So, 23>73! The warriors and the knights met in the NBA finals for two consecutive seasons. Last season, lack of help LeBron despite playing a powerful data, but with two helpers, Irwin and Kevin Loew’s absence, let him not enough to overcome the full play of the warriors, eventually had to nurse a grievance defeat. In this season, the warriors have become more powerful, and the Knights are somewhat volatile, they even dismissed the Blatter coach. The two teams met again, the Cavaliers but in not to be optimistic about the situation, staged in finals history for the first time from a 3-1 deficit miracle. For the Cavs fans, this is really a season to let them a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment. Last year, the warriors in the victory parade, their star striker Drummond – Green heartily mocks the Cavaliers defeated, “Cavs, do not. We won the championship. We’re here, but they don’t have.” Green was even burst foul language. Green was obviously the speech by the Knights of Thompson – Tristan secretly recorded in the heart. Thompson in front of the camera, like a boxer waving his fist, and then hit back at Green: “Cleveland, yes!” Thompson in Hugh offseason and Cavaliers signed a big contract of $82 million, therefore he also attracts more and more people questioned. But, in the finals, Thompson has proved himself worthy of the big contract. In Game 7 of the finals, Thompson field playing 32.4 minutes, with 10.3 points and 10.1 rebounds, two pairs of data, which in the six games he cut down 15 points and 16 rebounds. Thompson once said, everyone will be the star of their role. As a blue collar player, Thompson really did it. Thompson contract price with the warriors Green is also similar, he proved through his own performance, the value of their own in the knight team, no less than Green in the warriors. Author: Hu Hu