[NBA] criticized by the media broke the news: coward angered Tang God quickly give me get out of the Warriors

October 22nd: the warriors Klein – Thompson has been in a calm and mellow appearance, but in the U.S. local time on Friday afternoon, he finally anger. When asked about an article recently reported, Green said, although it is an all star, but his bad temper has damaged the team chemistry, and Green and Clyde clashed several times. In the finals of the G5, when Green was suspended, Claiborne has a chance to prove himself, but the warriors warriors players anonymous official comments “hit like a coward”. At the beginning, broke the news people are said to be has to leave the backup center Spec, but soon, Spec was on personal social media were denied. Clay is a fierce counter attack, he said: “this article makes me feel very tired, if you say someone is a coward, so why don’t you put the newspaper out of his name? It is easy to hide behind a shield and blame others for being a coward, but who are you? You can call us a coward, that’s okay, but you have to tell us who you are.” “(the article) that we play like a coward, but dare not say who said that, this is a kind of weak behavior for me, since you have exposed the Spec name, why not exposed other people’s name? We call a coward not to expose their name, it will hurt us, fuck, it will make me mad.” When asked whether he would feel dissatisfied with Spec, he said: “no, I don’t care MEN’S NIKE SHOX TL SHOES WHITE/SILVER/RED TOP DEALS ” Clay finally reiterated that he would be so angry, not because of being called a coward, but this criticism comes from an anonymous person. “If they (critics) came to you and said,” you play like a coward, I would choose to respect them, “he said. At the same time, the article also describes the Green warriors is not only a challenge in the team coach Cole Cole’s authority, and even the whole team to tolerate Green’s bad temper. The new season, Durant joined the warriors, which makes them a big win, but now it seems, want to play out the biggest fighting force on the field, but also need to coordinate the relationship between the team. Author: Zhao Buchuan