[NBA\]LBJ arrived in San Francisco by the warriors fans crazy hush

Beijing time on June 1, LeBron James and the Cavaliers arrived in San Francisco where they stayed in the hotel. As a result, they immediately by the warriors fans booed welcome. You can see from the video, the site has a large number of warriors fans waiting for the Cavaliers, see entering the Knight Bus, players get off, crowd is very exciting, people began to shout the slogan, then everyone booed the chorus together up, this is the warriors fans to the knight’s pressure of a way. In contrast, accept the other knights players boos fortunately, when they got off the field is still relatively quiet, LeBron, hostile sound of loud, it seems that LeBron is really popular invincible. It is worth mentioning that the majority of the players are wearing headphones to listen to music, including Lebron, so they basically do not hear these sounds too much, will not be affected by the number of. Warriors in the regular season has created unprecedented 73 wins, and therefore have the playoffs in the absolute home court advantage, so the first two games of the finals will first at the home of the brave. In the regular season, two teams have played two times, are warriors win WOMEN’S NIKE SHOX R3 SHOES WHITE/SILVER/PINK AUTHENTIC Of course, Lebron and the Knights of the season with a vengeance on the mentality of the season, the outcome of the regular season does not mean anything. In the playoffs, Knight played a dominant, in the eastern kill the Quartet, the Cavaliers in playoff scoring 106.9 points, losing 94.3 points, respectively, ranking a playoff team in the second and third four. Author: Qiao Tete