[NBA] innovation? Schubert: This is my Irwin bench players guard was born

October 25th report: “the Cleveland Plain Dealer” news, the new season, the defending champion Knight will also be on the role assignment in the player to try something new, such as Lu boss to let Schubert to play the guard, which is from the offseason planned. Obviously, the knight’s guard position is relatively weak, in addition to the first Irwin, the original Delaweiduowa went to the bench top bucks, Mo Williams was not sure, do not know can not play, so the Knights needed a player to stand to share this position out of time. Schubert, who was a long – term solution to the point guard position, is clearly a challenge for him. In the last quarter of the game, in the face of the wizards, Schubert to guard the identity and the first serve to play for a period of time. “I’m a bit too excited,” Schubert said. “But I feel pretty good. Although adapted for a while, but I hit this position feeling is good. I’ve actually been playing point guard, so now back to this position, I feel fine.” Schubert in high school, college, and even at the beginning of Nicks for the coach Dantoni, he is playing the point guard AIR JORDANS 11 RETRO LOW “GREEN SNAKESKIN” BLACK/NIGHTSHADE-WHITE-VOLT ICE NEW RELEASE “This is something I need to adapt to,” said Schubert, “to understand the tactics, command and tactics, when to attack, to understand the specific direction, and so on. It takes some time, but I’m happy that the team let me play this position.” So, in Lu opinion, Schubert play point guard performance how? “The first half of the last game, I think his performance is really good, I feel a little pressure on the second half up,” Lu said, “of course, when you have a long time not playing this position when this happens.” “He told me about this in the summer,” said Schubert. “He knew I was on guard when I first entered the league. He told me that he was ready to play the point guard, and I was happy to.” Author: Qiao Tete