[NBA] Adu 40+7 key 5 minutes without a shot

May 27th report: Beijing time in May 27th, thunder in the road 111-120 lost to the warriors, a series of big score into 3-2. Kevin Durant – 12 of 31 shots over 40 points and 7 rebounds, 13 free throws in 13. Although he was not even at the end of 7 points, but the thunder overall offensive efficiency. In this series the Adu have come up with highly efficient and stable performance, even if he has two shooting only three percent, but averaged 8.5 free throws, but also grab 8.8 rebounds performance is still general enough. In today’s game, warrior Beishuiyizhan naturally a desperate fight, thunder in the first quarter was also repressed, Freddy Adu and Davis in the first half of the class add up to nine investment 1 firepower far inferior to spray brothers. After losing 5 balls, Adu finally hit the 3 minute 32 seconds to stop dry pull, after thunder has 3 minutes does not score. But he just after the goal, Donovan was replaced by the rest, in the last 1 minutes and a half to continue to play. And in this short time, Freddy Adu recovery efficiency, first made Thompson foul and two free throws. In the last 27 seconds also played a long break, break through the many people containment layup. Adu’s first quarter 9 voted 8 to get 3 points, the second section he continued to take the bench, after the continuous mistakes, he hit the dry pull three points to the thunder to stop bleeding. In 9 minutes and 09 seconds, Adu put the ball to the weak side and to morrow, hit three points. Curry broke out and chopped 7 points, this is undoubtedly very dangerous signal, after a pause, Freddy Adu from Andre Iguodala jumper succeeded, 4 minutes 05 seconds, he again the ball that is shot. But he was forced to make a pass in 18 minutes and 3 seconds, so the warriors fight back. Adu did not score in the quarter, the first half of the 15 voted 15 to get 6 points, by more than half of the score with Weiss thunder. At the beginning of the second half, ADU would assist Ibaka thrown into three points, soon he on the perimeter caused foul green, and provoke him to eat one technical foul, about to get 4 free throws, the difference imminently to left 3 points. ADU 3 times since then shot does not, until 6 minutes and 41 seconds, ADU finally re opened, pick and roll hit dry pull, and finally the equaliser. The two teams have each other, 4 minutes and 51 seconds, Adu blocked Thompson three point shots, and never let the warriors detonation wave flow. ADU rest to 1 minute 28 seconds with a cast into three key points, and in the last seven seconds and hit a layup, Oklahoma City after three quarters still lags behind 4 points. The distal start warriors reserve out of 8-0, Adu three points throw into, in 10 minutes and 24 seconds is out of the ball. But he finally hit the dry pull, thunder is still 10 points behind. By the bench, I am afraid it is not thought of anyone. 8 minutes and 06 seconds, Adu Speights was trying to butt, but was blowing up defensive foul, let the opponent into a 2+1. Weiss in the offensive end of the blanket, ADU had hit rate of decline up to 5 minutes are not shot, in 4 minutes and 55 seconds finally by penalty goal, but also to narrow the difference to within 10 points. 4 minutes and 34 seconds, Adu hit the big heart off three points, but the library immediately breakthrough hit three points. 3 minutes and 57 seconds, Adu re Green foul two penalty, he has even cut 7 points. But in 3 minutes and 08 seconds, Adu hit the three shot, and the thunder grabbed offensive board, Adu’s breakthrough is curry blocks WOMENS NIKE AIR MAX 90 KNIT AAA WN90N3A01 Last 1 minutes and 45 seconds, he broke through the forced shot, Robertson was sent off, the victory gradually slipped away from the hands of the thunder. 1 minutes 23 seconds, Freddy Adu has once again been curry steals and play on the counter attack, he although has not given up, still desperately chasing points, but ultimately powerless. Author: Kewell