[NBA] tragedy! Toronto inside the core the second round of reimbursement

Miami Heat center Whiteside underwent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), his right knee medial collateral ligament sprain, the heat will be his inclusion in the list of daily observations, Whiteside the warring parties in the first game was injured, but that game he can timely return to the game, today Zaibao injury, Whiteside round, and this season I can play to play a big question mark, at the same time, raptors center Vallance Yunus also accepted the X ray examination, he was diagnosed with a sprained right ankle, Raptors Official announced he will miss the round all the remaining matches. Vallance Yunus is injured in the Toronto Raptors 95-91 victory over Miami in the third battle in the third section the, when he tried to cover Wade’s through ball, he landed did not stand, then limped back to the locker room, team start said Vallance Yunus do not need X ray examination, but to be on the safe side still today arranged for him to accept the inspection, test results are negative, looks do not affect the Raptors arrangement he truce is to be on the safe side and. Vallance Jonas this season were 12.8 points and 9.1 rebounds per game CHEAP TO BUY CONVERSE WEAPON LOW WHITE IRIDESCENCE SHOES YSRJEFH In the playoffs the importance of his rapid promotion, as of now he playoff averaged 15 points and 12.1 rebounds, hit rate reached 55%. In the past four games he cut a double double, series game against the Miami Heat in the average 18.3 points and 12.7 rebounds, hit rate as high as 64.9%, because backcourt shooting misalignment, Vallance Yunus stability play is of great significance to the Raptors, now his second round of reimbursement, Scola and Bi Yongbo will get more playing time, the Raptors field lineup will become smaller. During the regular season, Vallance Yunus a total absence of the 22 games, raptors record of 16 wins and 6 defeats, even more than their season average even more remarkable, Bo billon tough defense and rebounding, Scola high coordination + 3, backcourt provides very big help, just now in the playoffs, to fight for every inch of land on both sides of the bayonet charge, the Raptors a small lineup will receive regular season during the effect? Author: John