[NBA] library exquisite archery make wife cry

Warrior today in the home and a pioneer of G5 contest, curry first battle, with 29 points (20 shots in 10, 4 free throws 4, 3 5 of 11), 5 rebounds, 11 assists, the ultimate warrior 125-121 beat Portland, 4-1 in the Western Conference finals. Recently, the alliance has just announced this season won the MVP library, and is the first in the history of unanimously elected MVP. Before the game, the library received a brief ceremony at MVP awards, immediately into the game. Although a war, curry with extra time 5 minutes to create a record 17 points again shocked the nation, but today he came up and was in no hurry to score on his own. On the contrary, he basically is in running without the ball, Thompson and create a better shot, or inside teammate send Ginobli. , of course, curry is secretly looking for opportunities, until his teammates are first into the rhythm, curry and CIC, 3 points to the. It is worth mentioning that this is the 44 consecutive playoff games with curry 3 pointers, flat record keeping Reggie Miller. Under the condition of and the ball or warrior almost passing errors, curry was forced into a corner, the body loses balance difficult shots. In Section 2, curry and rest for a few minutes, before the game today Cole coach also said although allow courier back to the starting lineup, but it will control his playing time. Re after battle, he frequently for Thompson ball, Thompson to opportunities for scoring and assists in the library is also rising. Into the second half, 3 points in the library started to freak out, and the audience seemed to be waiting for the, together with the outbreak of a great clamor! However, the library or friends to the team in the next few wave attack, such as Thompson. Hitting 7 minutes, the library right 45 degrees outside the ball again three points, the counter ultra score, watching from the stands, the wife of Ayesha also excitedly shouting “dear!” This last attack, the warriors will curry, curry dribble control time, facing the develop inside the player’s defense, he quickly dribble pull up and then throw, familiar with the rhythm, the ball! Once again to bring the atmosphere to a new high PD715796FH PANDORA JANUARY SIGNATURE HEART BIRTHSTONE CHARM LASTEST Distal green in the locker room accept ankle, and curry in the field or better control of the situation, his layup is still sharp, beautiful left the ball firmly hit. 4 minutes and 02 seconds, Curitiba chase anti Portland counterattack, the result was McCollum scored a layup, and penalty. But then curry continuous response, first assists Andre Iguodala corner three points hit, followed by is their little play, COSCO distance 3 points. Despite the Blazers also very stubborn, poor catch up to only 2 points, but the final 25 seconds, curry or personal iconic 1 on 1 threw three decomposition to solve the problem, after hitting the ball audience is cheering, curry’s friends and relatives are all excited. Finally, the library penalty is also very stable, Portland Foul Tactics useless, the warriors won the Western Conference semifinals. Author: Qiao Tete