[NBA]KB refused to work without the edge of the TNT and the Austrian fat reunion

According to the famous gossip website TMZ reports, basketball commentator is a lot of NBA players in the retirement of the choice of work. However, in the face of the enthusiastic invitation TNT TV, just retired Lakers superstar Kobe has a very direct choice of no say. As a generation of basketball superstar, Kobe announced after the end of the season officially retired. With a farewell battle in the personal career, Kobe home to the Utah Jazz scored 60 points, but also for his career to write a complete success. Despite Kobe’s retirement, the fans are obviously still hoping to see him continue to keep in close touch with basketball and NBA. And a lot of NBA players in order to continue to maintain contact with the NBA after the retirement, will choose the transition as a basketball commentator. Among them, Barkley – Kenny, Smith – Charles, O’neal and Webb, who have become famous basketball commentator. The Houston Rockets star Maddie had also begun to enter this line, was invited to join ESPN as a commentator. As early as before Kobe has retired, TNT TV has repeatedly publicly released the news that he wants to invite Kobe to join their own basketball team. And TNT Oprah Kenny Smith also repeatedly said has Kobe prepared the seat, door of TNT has been for him and open. Because O’neal is also working for TNT. As fans, nature is also hope to be able to see Kobe and his former partner O’neal on the basketball commentator. However, it is clear that Kobe is not interested in the interpretation of this line. As we previously reported, TNT television stations has officially to Kobe Bryant issued a warm invitation, but Bryant is simply rejected FREE SHIPPING AIR JORDANS 13 LOW LEATHER BLACK WHITE RED It seems that OK combination would like to get together, it is impossible to do. While there is no way to partner with O’neal, but Kobe has made it clear that he would be very happy to this summer and O’neal’s son, O’neal Sharif training together. There are many reasons why Kobe refused to TNT the job, perhaps the most important of which is that he wants to put more energy into his business. Kobe has registered a Kobe company, is mainly responsible for helping him to carry out investment in the business. The Kobe company has more than 10 registered trademarks, including we are very familiar with the “black mamba” trademark. It is understood that the “black mamba” trademark will be used in Tiyun sports field. Kobe is highly focused on basketball and is the same when doing business. According to previous reports, super angel investor Chris sacca is pushing the main characteristic of one of the shareholders, the legendary science and technology investment tycoon has said in recently attended a talk show, Bryant for the field of investment and entrepreneurship has a is hard to to letter enthusiasm and diligence, he will be his basketball career Mamba spirit transplantation to the commercial field. Author: Hu Hu