[NBA] Bikuliduo 1! JR Knight third big 5 record three points. The Warriors

NBA Finals continue, knight to return home, their home victory over the warriors, will pull the total score into 1-2, campaign the Cavs guard J.R. Smith realized self salvation, his audience hit five third cut 20 points, seems to have become the knight of the big three. The first two finals of the Knights defeat, JR- Smith did not provide the necessary firepower, but even the shots are not dare. He had a total of 9 to 3 in the total 8 points, obviously the performance of the JR is not satisfactory. Before coach tyronn Lue said to be first, some people have speculated that may kill the JR. Fortunately, the final JR is still to be trusted to stay in the starting lineup. And the opening his vitality is obvious and the first two are not the same, on clay Thompson defense let him opening 5 0 vote, their desire to attack is weakened a lot, more rebounds and pull space, attention to make hot Irwin’s flagship. But there is a chance he will not easily let go, backcourt rebounds, direct a dragon into the box, underhand layup LASTEST SUPRA SKYTOP BLACK GREEN SHOES MEN’S SHOES The first quarter, although only 2 points, but the presence of the JR Knight won 19 points. And in the second section to play more like a stepped: Warriors have been approaching to single digits, and Jr third came so in a timely manner. Before the end of the second quarter of 1.9 seconds, JR grabbed rebounds and shipped to an ejection, heavy Zajin basket ball! Although the ball was eventually blown out of time is not valid, but the end of JR’s face is not helpless, it looks very easy. Easily has become the main theme of his second half. In the third quarter of JR has started to take over a game: Breakthrough fouls, stepback emergency stop jump shot. In the counter Iguodala layup, back JR is a corner three minutes across the flameout. In the library and finally put into three points, around JR is a three return, let the difference back to 18 points. Nerve knife hot hand, is always the most terrible. In the fourth quarter shot three points not in, Knight offensive rebounds again to the hands of Jr, and a big heart, he is not disturbed, the second attempt simply hit! Quietly, Jr score has come to more than 20 points, and the knight has made more than 25 points lead, points in the last four and a half minutes, Jr is Dahntay Jones substituted, accept bursting with applause from the audience. 38 minutes, 7 of 13 shots, one third is reached 5 of 10 shots, Jr detonation 20 points, is the knight of high, but than the highest curry warrior more 1. In addition, Jr’s positive and negative value is a game high + 32V, today he not only completed the coach, also excess contribution, defensive end also help team limits clay Thompson to only 10 minutes. Loew, Lebron and JR are in urgent need of help, the performance is to tell the world, what is the most awesome helper. Author: Li more