[NBA]JR my daughter for the first time extubation only lasted three hours of warmth to sing songs touched friends

February 23rd: the knight defender JR- Smith’s daughter Dakota tragedy premature, care has failed to break away from life instrument. However, today, JR issued a document on the social network, said the daughter of the first extubation, adhere to three hours. JR wrote: “now she also needs to maintain the life of the system, but today the first Dakota extubation, her support for three hours! This picture was taken today, and I sang a song for her before she was plugged in.” JR’s daughter was born prematurely in 21 weeks, weighing less than $1. Fortunately, JR couple never give up, adhere to treatment now. Photos from the JR point of view, the daughter is not the size of a normal baby, in the case of the body function is not fully developed, she can not stand alone for too long. Her usual transparent baby box is like a greenhouse, there are a variety of complex instrument monitoring, in winter, but also in the case of a few blankets to cover the box to help heat preservation. For parents, to see children living in such an environment to survive, heartache can be imagined. But anyway, it’s a good idea to be able to pull the tube for three hours MEN’S NIKE AIRMAX 2009 & SHOX R4 SHOES BLACK/GREY TOP DEALS JR’s wife also said in the blog, now Dakota weighing nearly a kilogram, every week to conduct a test tube, is a kind of “training”, her condition indeed becomes better, the hospital began to use light doses of steroids, help accelerate the development of her, let her be stronger. Many fans friends are also praying for the JR couple and their daughter, hope one day to be able to get out of bed Dakota, healthy growth. Author: Kewell