[NBA] warriors destroy the thunder win the battle to win the seven Knight

Jinzhou warriors at home to create history. Curry had 36 points, eight assists and five rebounds, Thompson had 21 points, who led the team in the third quarter hit back climax comeback, warriors reversal up to 13 points behind, they in the Western Conference finals game 7 at home to 96-88 beat Oklahoma City Thunder Team. The warriors with a 4-3 victory over the thunder team, they become in the history of the 10 team in the 3-1 reverse the success of the team, they will be in the finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers, this is two teams for the second year in a row in the finals meet. Big focus: Game Review: Warriors of the library get 36 points, eight assists and five rebounds, Thompson had 21 points and 5 rebounds green get 11 points, nine rebounds and four assists, Andre Iguodala get 7 points, 4 rebounds and three assists. Durant thunder’s 27 points, seven rebounds and 3 assists, wesbrook had 19 points, 13 assists and seven rebounds, Ibaka has 16 points and 4 rebounds, Adams to get nine points and nine rebounds Robson get 4 points and 12 rebounds. The warriors to adjust the starting lineup, Iguodala Barnes’s place. A thunder beat Adams Glenealy 4 points led the team to lead 8-4. Curry with two three pointers, yibaka, Durant respectively respond to three points, the thunder team continues to lead. Each of the two sides into several attack, green dunk, Durant fadeaway jumper, the thunder team to 24 19 leading 5 points at the end of the first section. Kanter fared well. The second section after the start of the he inside force, one scored 8 points leads the team to split out 11-3 small high tides, the thunder team to 35-22 leading 13 points. At this critical moment Thompson come forward, even in the three 3 points, the warriors quickly returned fire 11-2 attack wave, the two sides only 4 points gap. The thunder team suspended after setting off another wave of offensive, wesbrook hits 3 point success, Durant hit a jumper, they played 8-0, 2 minutes and 20 seconds before halftime when the thunder to 45 leading 12 points. Thompson then stood up again three points for the team to stabilize the situation, he led the team even after 7 minutes approaching. Westbrook rushing hits 3 point success, the repository to prevent breakthrough throwing buzzer beater, 42-48. Warriors backward 6 points into halftime. The thunder’s Russell Westbrook half got 14 points, seven assists and four rebounds and Kevin Durant scored 9 points; warriors Thompson had 13 points, curry had 12 points and five assists. Adams jumper opened the third quarter, Warriors team outside comprehensive fire, curry hit three 3-pointers, Thompson and Andre Iguodala were also hit three points, who led the team play 15-4 counterattack climax, section 3 and 6 points 20 seconds when the warriors with 57-54 anti ultra 3 points. Durant scored a breakthrough, Livingston substitute appearances play a role, he even takes 5 minutes, Barnes corner three points, they lead the team played 12-0 small high tide, the third section and 53.3 seconds warriors to 71-58 lead. Durant penalty in the two ball, the end of the three quarter thunder team to 60-71 behind. The thunder team in the fourth quarter to comeback momentum, Durant’s turnaround jumper, Ibaka even get 5 points, who led the team played 9-2 attack wave, the thunder team behind 4 points. The library is back on the field immediately fired hit three points, one company takes 7 points to help the warriors to stabilize the situation. Durant hit a third, the Warriors team outside keep sight, Thompson, green turns to hit three points, the fourth section there are four minutes they by 88-77 leading 11 points. Wesbrook scored a breakthrough, breakthrough Curitiba cast hit, the warriors continue to lead 11 points. Durant in the thunder after the pause to come forward, first in a record three points, he even took 7 points to narrow the gap to only 4 points. Warriors immediately halted, curry investment three points caused by foul Ibaka, three free throws, the fourth quarter and 1 points 18 seconds warriors a 93-86 lead. Durant is a critical juncture fizzled out, two consecutive shots, the library right again in third, fourth quarter and 26 WOMEN’S NIKE AIR MAX LUNAR1 CHEAP TO BUY 8 seconds warriors 96-86 lead 10 points. The two ball in the penalty of no avail yibaka, the thunder team lost to 88-96. Thunder first team line-up: Westbrook, Bryan Robson, Durant, Ibaka, Adams Warriors team starting lineup: curry, Thompson, Andre Iguodala, green, Bogert Author: Xiao Liu