[NBA] warriors defeat to see it? Weiss: did not see me play a little while the card on the bed

October 27th report: yesterday’s first show, the four giants, but has experienced a defeat. Especially for Durant, who moved from the thunder, with his own words was “a slap in the face”. So the focus of the war, his former team mate Weiss how to see it? “Not to see.” Weiss said he didn’t watch the basketball game yesterday. Did you see the score? “Not to see.” Weiss had previously said he would never watch other teams play at night. What were they doing when they were in the game last night? Weiss replied, “I’m doing something you don’t want to hear.” But he added, “I’m playing cards, man. To do my own thing, eat dinner, call my wife. Take a bath, I also used the Dove soap, brush your teeth and wash your face to go to bed. Before going to bed to see the movie, on these ADIDAS ULTRA BOOST OLYMPIC PACK MEN 2017