[NBA]! The library 3 minutes sight fell below the 4 by James counter ultra three points package is stolen?

March 9th: the warriors home court today against Boston, outside performance library is still in the doldrums, three of 9 shots and only 2, only 22.2% star. After the game, the three hit rate fell to 39.7% Kuliben this season, since he entered the NBA8 season three points, the worst performance of the season. In the previous 7 seasons, he has scored more than three points in more than 45%. Interestingly, Cleveland star Lebron this season’s three point hit rate of 39.8%, currently has more than curitiba. As we all know, Lebron has not been a top outside pitcher, his career three percentage point hit rate of only 34.3%, while in the past 13 seasons, he hit a single quarter of the rate of only 4 of the number of times only once. The February three star library are very low, single month three point hit rate of only 37 AIR JORDAN 6 (VI) RETRO BLACK/INFRARED 23-BLACK CHEAP ONLINE 8%, remove the February first game against the Hornets with three points in 11 games 15 goals, his three ball remaining for a total of 115 to 39, the hit rate of only 33.9%. Including a 76 Man 11 throw in 0, when the Nuggets 11 very bad performance 1. In March, Curitiba feel didn’t return to normal, 4 games, he scored three points the highest hit rate of only 4, which is the 15 against the hawks in 6, and the 2 game of his three hit rate did not exceed 23%, a is today on the green army in 9 2, another is playing the Bulls 11 2. The library outside only 31.3% star in March. Do you want to know what Lebron did in 2 and March? In February, Lebron’s three hit rate as high as 56.8%, and in March 4 games, three ball Lebron is voted 11 to 21, star reached 52.4%, averaging three points in 3.7. It is perhaps Lebron quietly stole three sub library…… Author: Qiao Tete