[NBA] surprised! Library 10 times farther than LBJ shot distance

Reported on May 20: as last season’s NBA finals of an old enemy, Stephen curry and LeBron – James led the respective teams have reached the final. At present, each of them made two division finals match, two performance strengths and weaknesses, and from their shot distance can be seen is how different the two superstars dominate. At present, curry and LeBron each played two games, two people in the two games also cast a total of 18 goals. Since entering into the Western Conference finals, Curitiba in two games among a total of 37 voted 18 to get 54 points, hit rate is 48.7%. His main attack means there is no doubt that the third ball, which matches his three-point shot total is making 11 of 22 shots and hit rate just reached 50%. Which in a beat the Oklahoma City thunder game, curry outside the three-point line is 8 cast 5 in, can be said to be in three defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder defence. In contrast, Lebron is 26 voted 47 scored 18 points, hit rate as high as 69%. There is no doubt that, in addition to the free throw, Lebron’s main campaign has focused on nearly a shot, these two games, Lebron’s three points is 3 shot 0. In the game against the Toronto Raptors series match in the first game, LeBron is almost close range attacks, the audience making 11 of 13 shots, high efficiency scary. Under Lebron of violent attack inside the Raptors, two games are defenseless. After data statistics, we can get a library in which the total range of 18 balls is 346 feet, with an average of 19.2 inches per goal. And Lebron scored 18 of the total range of the ball is only 29 feet, with an average of 1.6 feet per ball range. That is to say, the total range of Lebron dropped into 18 balls and even curry thrown into a super far three point ball distance. There is no doubt that curry and Lebron is the alliance strength ranking two stars before two. But people always have different opinions about the two people who are strong and weak. As is known to all, curry heady, at the end of the season to won the league’s most valuable player, and he is in league history the first was elected by a unanimous vote for MVP. However, Lebron thinks that the most valuable player is not the best player WOMENS NIKE AIR MAX TN WHITE GREEN SILVER AMFW0174 ONLINE Legend also supported the LeBron’s point of view such as Barkley that LeBron and Leonard are compared with the library better players. In fact, curry and LeBron has dominated the game is different, curry is long-range shooting, and LeBron James is close to the storm. If really want to let them really a point? It is possible only in the finals to see the outcome. Author: Hu Hu