[NBA]LBJ is no longer dead! This time the guards are together.

Knight beat the Toronto Raptors won the Eastern Conference finals, LeBron career 7 times into the finals, and for the Cavs, which is their second straight season into the finals. Last season, LeBron James return to the knights in the first quarter, despite his side have two giants of Lufkin, Irwin helper, but three people running up and then in Miami and Chris Bosh, Wade cooperation or difference is very big. In how to play their respective roles, how to sacrifice, how to integrate into the team, the whole knight has experienced a long process of adaptation. Especially their coach, Blatter, is also a rookie manager. Even so, the knight is still in the finals. Unfortunately, Loew in the first round and Celtic G4 shoulder injury, an early end to the season, which affected the their combat capability. Worse, in the finals of the G1, Irwin fractures of the patella, also claims the season, knight can only rely on LeBron a person in charge DISCOUNT PUMA FUTURE CAT BAYLEE SHOES BLACK/RED Desperate to LeBron. In the finals blasted 35.8 points, 13.3 rebounds, 8.8 assists and 1.3 steals the strong data, but shuangquannandi four hands. In the end he was defeated the warriors. And this season, last season and different, Loew, Irwin experienced a season of growth are more mature, especially the Loew, he in the integration of the game has obvious progress, although the personal data of the regular season last season and is almost the same, but playoffs, his performance have improved a lot, the presence of both scoring, rebounds, offensive rebounds, three points hit rate of progress. The most important is that he has always maintained a healthy. Although there are a number of small injuries on the field, but compared to last season’s reimbursement, has been a huge progress. Irwin is the same, although the regular season he experienced the return from injury of the struggle, between LeBron and also don’t gossip, but after the run in the majority of the season, between the giant has each other to win the trust. The playoffs, Ecuador Wenchang averaged 24.3 points, 2.5 rebounds, 5 assists and 1.5 steals, shooting rate 47.9%, three points hit rate of 45.6%, besides the backboard several other compared to the previous season significantly improved. Similarly, he also maintained a healthy state, the knight squad has been very complete. For LeBron, this time he did not himself again to carry the dead, Loew, Irving. There a group of excellent role players, like LeBron said to myself as. In fact, he did not feel the playoff experienced any adversity, he knew that one day you will play a “full Chan” in the performance. However, before that. He doesn’t need to contribute to their own can fix everything. Author: Qiao Tete