[NBA] why Barkley is always black warrior? Cole: we have a blood feud with him

December 3rd: the NBA legend, the famous basketball commentator Charles Barkley for the Jinzhou warriors has been not very like. In the last few seasons, Barkley black warriors speech can almost be organized into Shulai published. Yesterday, Barkley and out of the warriors are playing basketball, the speech. Barkley said: “maybe I was too old, but I would never like the kind of mother of basketball, that is only through the opponent to suppress the score to win. I am full of prejudice against women. I Aijinuo – aurimaa (American basketball coach), this is one of my most love coach, I love basketball, but I don’t want to appear in the NBA women’s basketball.” Barkley criticism so that the warriors coach Cole also could not help but stand up again to fight back. Cole and Barkley have worked together in TNT, have a good friendship. But Barkley has never been optimistic about his warriors. In this regard, Cole jokingly said that Barkley may have a blood feud for our team. Cole said: “this is already serious, if our team from his home, he will be shouted at us, rolled out from my lawn!” Barkley doesn’t like the Jinzhou warriors for a long time 2016 NIEUWE HEREN ADIDAS ORIGINALS HIGH BIG TONGUE ZIPPER ZWART LEER BRUIN WIT OUTLET GOEDKOPE NIEUW When the warriors began to rise, Barkley said not optimistic about the warriors won the NBA Championship: “jumper brigade never win.” And when the warriors defeated Cleveland in the 2014-15 season finals after the Knights of the championship, Barkley also believes that the warriors win against the luck, because the knight more than the main injured. To the 2015-16 season, Barkley in the black warriors on the road is farther and farther away. Warriors played in the regular season to create a record 73 wins and 9 losses in the NBA history of the best record. Barkley said: “the warriors can get 73 wins, but they can not defend the championship.” During the finals, Barkley even released relentless: “if Jinzhou warriors can win the championship, then I would kneel down, then congratulations to them.” In the end, in Barkley’s persistent “evil curse”, the warriors in the lead in the case of 3-1, suffered a big reversal of the Knights of the day, no chance to defend. Author: Hu Hu