[NBA] Tang God Father: LBJ in the 80’s on the court can not survive

Lebron and Green this thing, it seems that there is no end. Increasing the scope altercation, no longer limited to both players, their families also inevitably be rolled in, following the curry after his wife, always keen in son and warriors head soup God Father, Michael Thompson also got out. Today earlier, he accepted the a radio interview, talked about LeBron and green events, the bay area news group name remember David Ryan on twitter on the exposed parts of his speech. Thompson had previously said that the garbage is a normal phenomenon, Lebron must be feeling that they have been hurt PD547433GL PANDORA GIFT SILVER CHARM WITH CUBIC ZIRCONIA FREE SHIPPING Old Thompson seems to be very supportive of his son’s point of view, he said: “we are now politically correct to the garbage can not say it? Are you kidding me? Who would have complained to the media because of his name?” “We all respect Lebron’s ability…… But man, sometimes he is too powerful, as if he should get everything he wants, “said the father.”. “I can’t believe it…… Tonight we have to face the situation, even from a player complained that they were on the field with the Witch of the same rhyme (referring to bi*ch) greetings.” According to Ryan said, old Thompson added: “LeBron can’t in the 1980s stadium survive, because when the body against (taiqiang) between the player and the dialogue (scale).” Similarly, a warrior lodge in G – Barry also stand out chimed in, he said: “is the media has caused the ban, because after the last green and Adams occurred, they wantonly campaign.” Previously, LeBron has pointed out that green curse words are very ugly, it is a reporter pointed out that green scold LeBron containing “bi*ch” such insulting words, add green hand dig LeBron groin actions really be called not elegant, so LeBron and knight this resentment is quite deep. But from the point of view of old Thompson, which instead of a gift of an era, but also with the “Duke Guan war qinqiong” theory overtly or covertly taunt LeBron. Coincidentally, mocking LeBron and curry Ayer wife Sally curry out, she made a more philosophical words on Twitter: “stadium on the left and right sides are road, but to go Invisible Bridge above the heads of others.” However, the OTC renewed strength, and ultimately to return to the pitch in the game. Green was suspended for the case, the warriors would really win for Green (for Green win)? Let us wait and see. Author: Small Red Army