[NBA] maybe you don’t know Zhou Qi: a northeast chamber for the victory of the “spray” the referee

Reported on June 23: 2016 NBA draft will be on June 24 in the Barclays center in Brooklyn held COLTS JERSEYS INDIANAPOLIS IPHONE 6 PLUS CASES BLACK4 As is known to all, Zhou Qi will participate in the current draft, so this is regarded as “Xiaonian” draft, in the domestic concern. All the stories about Zhou Qi, have been key recommendation, but there are always some thing about Zhou Qi, you may not know, since the childhood genius? Zhouqi 2 meters tall and 17, flexible pace, a comprehensive technology, is regarded as gifted potential of stocks, but the original forecast, Zhouqi height most will grow to 2 meters 05, his family also didn’t want to him to make it to the high level. 2, Henan people? The Northeast? As is known to all, Zhou Qi from Xinxiang Henan, when I went to Fuxin Liaoning basketball school. Now he, with his family has not been said to exchange his hometown, is one of the northeast dialect mandarin. Original Liaoning small partners still amuse him, say don’t know he said is what GE Da northeast words, estimate is where the suburbs. ” 3, ambition is not strong? Said Zhouqi surface does not care about the outcome, in fact he has been quite stronger, had also Fuxin basketball school, packet to play against, 7 seconds left, Zhouqi party backward a ball, but right to attack, at the last moment, Zhou Qi shot but destroy an opponent foul coach would not whistle for the end of the game, Zhouqi was put dropped the ball, and then went to the referee, “why not blow? Foul!” Coach said the time is up, Zhou Qi responded that is a foul, you do not blow!” 4, Zhou Qi’s “little superstition” athletes will have some special little habits even “little superstition”, Zhou Qi is no exception. “I will form a habit before the start of the season, and then I hope that these things do not change, has been the original model to keep it. For example, clothing, footwear, and how to display, I hope that before the start of the game, they are with a exactly the same, “Zhou Qi admits that he would try to control what you can control everything. Whether the league or the annual national team competition, Zhou Qi has a strict schedule for their own work schedules. Get up every day, how long to prepare for a long time will be as long as possible. This will make him feel more practical. 5, the game spree? He is not! Zhou Qi also played the game, but the absolute time concept, a point, he shut down to sleep. And he never drinks, cola and other carbonated drinks are basically not touch.