[NBA] Iverson: too bad in Detroit, the team did not honor the commitment to high

NBA legend Iverson accepts NBAtv basketball commentator Smith Steve’s one to one interview. Through an hour of time, Iverson for his long career a candid review NIKE ROSHE RUN MESH MENS GRAY ORANGE SILVER SHOES 格安特別 Which Iverson talked about his 2008-09 season in Detroit piston team that bitter years. Although he only played 54 games in a short time, it was a very small part of his career, but it was a lot of controversy. Iverson told Smith: “I’m in a very bad situation in Detroit. They told me something, and I got some promises from the management, but they didn’t do it at all.” Back in 2008 November, the Pistons president Joe Dumars led a great deal shocked the basketball circle. He used the pistons to take charge of the Star West – Billups from the Denver nuggets in exchange for the super star Iverson. This is tantamount to the pistons in the locker room to cast a heavy bomb. Iverson and Hamilton – Richard in the first season of the run in is not good. Rookie coach Michael curry decided at the time of righting the pistons of the object Rodney stuckey. Hamilton was asked to give up the starting position, followed by Iverson. Iverson is clearly not acceptable. Hamilton recalls: “I don’t know Iverson and Joe Dumars was how to talk. But, I also know, Iverson to the piston team is not in order to come on the bench.” Hamilton continued: “I have the same. I really didn’t think they would have asked me to go on the bench when Iverson joined the team. Because everyone is saying, hey, you two guys want to play together, see how you run in and then find the feeling.” Since Iverson publicly complained about his role in the team is not satisfied, the team decided to manage the pistons in the last seven games of the season will he put a non activated list. In the play for the Detroit Pistons in 54 games game (which 50 games as the first battle), Iverson field are played in 36.5 minutes, with 17.4 points, 3.1 rebounds, 4.9 assists and 1.6 steals per game. After the end of the season, Iverson went to Memphis, the bear, and then returned to the Philadelphia 76 people. In 2013, Iverson announced his retirement. This year, Iverson was elected to the Naismith Basketball Hall of fame. Author: Hu Hu