[NBA]116 million! KB bid farewell to the floor to sell the price

Recently, the Lakers finished part Kobe retires war memorabilia auction, which sold for the highest price of goods is day competition scene special edition floor Lakers special on the floor with, mark 8 and 24, and at the end of the game to open the floor down, part No. 8 let Bryant signed as auction, part No. 24 is the team collected and stored. Part 8 is made up of four floors, each of which is 8 feet in length and 4 feet in height NIKE KOBE 9 LOW EM WHITE GOLD FOR SALE LASTEST From April 27th to the beginning of the auction, to the end of the May 16th auction, bidders bid a total of 202 times, from the beginning of the reserve price of 10 thousand U.S. dollars, and ultimately rose to $(equivalent to about 1 billion yuan). Kobe scored 60 points in the last game of his career, and he put on a perfect farewell “. Kobe is obviously “gold” magic. In the game not only fares fired to incredible proportions, even ticket paper ticket stubs, electronic ticket stubs, and the Lakers on the same day in the store sale of souvenirs are buying and subsequent auction, even in second hand sites auction claiming to be from the air in the night at Staples Center. Kobe stepped on in the game, but also signed the very valuable natural floor. In addition, Kobe at the end of the game after a speech to the audience, the towel over his shoulders was also sold $8365 (equivalent to about 54562 yuan). Lakers officials have said that the floor of the auction proceeds will be donated to the Lakers youth charity foundation, Kobe finally made for the team to do a contribution to the 8. Although Kobe has retired, but his commercial value increased obviously. And he is also active in the business world, and seriously run their own company, I believe that the future he will still have a huge commercial influence. Author: Kewell