[NBA] Spurs will kanzouyan? The first show 1 Games did not strike white layoffs to earn 2 million 430 thousand

October 25th report: NBA new season is about to start a war, each team has identified a large list of 15 people. The Spurs finally retained the 2011 second round pick Davies – Botansi, competitive position and his French player Livio Jean Charles layoffs. But Jean Charles though it was the first time to NBA, but he was the first to sign the contract. Jean is Charles spurs overall pick in the first round of the 2013 twenty-eighth. The Spurs decided to sign him in the summer, according to the league, the rookie contract for 2+1+1, the first two years of full protection, wages were 1 million 188 thousand and 1 million 242 thousand AIR JORDANS 4 RETRO “TEASER” TEAL/BLACK-WHITE FOR SALE Jean Charles had been in France’s ASVEL team, the team is owned by Parke Toni. 2013 – Charles suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament, he has been unable to enter the NBA, the Spurs to observe him for a long time before he decided this year will bring, and signed a rookie contract. However, the big striker in the training camp and the performance of the season is not entirely satisfactory, his body did not meet the requirements of NBA, but in 2011 the first round of the show Bertas outstanding performance. The Spurs finally left Bertas, and Jean Charles layoffs. Due to the shire contract two years ago all security. His first year in 1 million 188 thousand will be an accountant in the 2016-17 cap, and the next year will be divided into three years of wages into the wage cap. Signing with the team, a player is not playing layoffs are not uncommon, but it took 2 years to ensure the contract first show unique. Let the shire is equivalent to white earned 2 million 400 thousand, placed in ordinary people lucky too, but for a dozen NBA young people have some regrets. He was not yet 23 years old, the future still have a chance to challenge NBA, only spurs the contract, some mistakes. Author: Li more