[NBA] rockets back-to-back escapement Magic 7 straight harden 14+7+10 Anderson 19

January 7th: the Houston rockets (29 – 9) to victory on the road. Anderson scored 19 points, Beverly and Gordon each had 17 points, Haddon get 14 points, 10 assists and 7 rebounds, they led the team to third hit the climax to overtake, the Rockets after 100-93 to hold the advantage over the Orlando magic team on the road (16 – 22). The Rockets scored 7 victories, the magic team suffered a total of 2 defeats. The Rockets Anderson had 19 points and 3 rebounds, Beverly scored 17 points, 9 rebounds and 3 steals, Gordon 17 points and 4 assists Haddon get 14 points, 10 assists, 7 rebounds and 6 turnovers, Ariza scored 13 points and 6 rebounds, Harel scored 9 points and 4 rebounds. Orlando Augustin scored 19 points, Gordon had 18 points, 7 assists and 6 rebounds, Ibaka had 16 points and 12 rebounds, Payton scored 12 points, Fournier had 10 points and 9 rebounds, Wu Raicevic had 9 points and 12 rebounds. Rockets starting with Harel. The magic in the home court made a good start, Payton, Fournier and yibaka each 4 points, they led the team to start 16-7. Rockets gradually find the feeling, Ariza and Gordon fight back three points, hit the success of the score of 3 points, a small climax of the to let the Rockets back over the past 1 points 10-0. Payton and Fournier took turns jumper, they lead to a 6-2 attack wave at the end of the first section, the magic 22-19 lead with 3 points. Howard Kerr scored 5 points to start the second quarter, Gordon and Beverly hit three points, they lead the team to split out 17-6 offensive climax, the Rockets in 6 minutes and 55 seconds before halftime lead to 36-28. Augustin feel good, even in the 2 three pointers, one scored 8 points led the team to respond to 11-2 against the wave, the magic lead to 1 points. Ariza layup, Wu Raicevic and Augustin teamed up with 6 points, the magic team to continue to expand the advantage. Harden two singles success, Gordon three points, Wu Raicevic jumper, zhanba half magic 52-44 lead with 8 points. The magic of Augustin half got 16 points, Vu Che Vecchi had 6 points and 11 rebounds; the Rockets Haddon, Beverly and Gordon each had 8 points. The Rockets three points in the third quarter recovery, Ariza and Anderson teamed up into 3 three pointers, they played 12-1 small climax, the Rockets 56-53 with 3 minute. Yibaka scored 6 points to lead the team with 9 points, the magic to overtake. Anderson to hold the hand into a ball, the Rockets even take 6 points into a flat of 64. 67 level, 70 level after Anderson feel hot, even into the 2 three pointers, he led the team to split out 9-2 small high leader again, Green hit a buzzer at the end of the three quarter of three points, 4 points behind the magic to 75-79. Anderson scored 17 points. Beverly use three point ball opened the fourth Festival curtain, the two teams after each hit into several attacks, magic chase tried several times to no avail, yibaka hook shot, the fourth section there are 4 minutes and 45 seconds to 5 points behind 87-92 magic. Ariza hit three points, Gordon and Vu Che Vecchi respectively at three points, harden to be aggressive with a fine cast of 4 points, the fourth section there are 40.5 seconds when the Rockets 99-93 lead with 6 points. Magic was suspended after the Gordon three points, Nene get rebounds, magic can only take the foul tactics. Harden two free throws, yibaka jumper, magic team 93-100 defeat PANDORA CLASSIC ELEGANCE PENDANT NEW The Rockets starting lineup: Beverly, Ariza, Anderson, harden, Harel magic starting lineup: Payton, Gordon, Ibaka, Bi Yongbo Fournier, author: Xiao Liu