[NBA] half flower ball interesting? Warrior is really “pit” after hanging fans

December 21st: NBA regular season continues, warriors vs. jazz. This once again become one-sided, half the difference is more than 20 points, third warriors had been sent off the bench at the end of the bench, the game is also very boring. The last three games, the warriors have been arranged in the nation’s most watched game period, which is 11:30 Beijing time, the three consecutive opponents Nicks, Portland and jazz. The three teams are not weak, at least in the 5 games above, is thought to make the threat to the warriors, however: Nicks barely finished third, Portland is almost a day was spent, first day lost 18 points, the audience was cut by 45 points; the field of 4 wins fifth Western jazz, the result is still no resistance at all, half finished points directly to 22 points, the third section symbolic resistance a bit, then entered the show time belongs to the bench CHEAP NIKE FREE RUN 2 BLUE LIGHT GREY WHITE ONLINE A few days before the holiday choice ordinarily teams players are the fans and the media denouncing, a main reason is that “I spent 800 dollars you let me see the bench?” But now the situation has become a warrior huataijiaqian another version of the substitute: this field in Oakland Oracle center of the game, the opponent or the Western fifth, fans spent before MiKi alliance fares, the results saw 30 minutes of curry, Thompson and Green, Durant is playing only 25 minutes. But from the level of competition, is a relaxed all star level matches for winning has become a habit, like to see the real thing stars show fans to be disappointed a lot. Compared to the past two prominent record season this year, men may not be able to continue to create 73 wins success, but the overall strength, the strength is stronger than in the past two years. Warriors this victory matches slue, but sometimes slip. Do not know whether to continue to swing every fans buy expensive tickets, but today the game exciting offensive cheering, other than the site to voice down a lot, it It is quite common for fans. Author: Li more