[NBA] Cole: we lost the game.

102-108, the warriors in the Oracle arena swallowed the first playoff defeat in the home court. The game at the end of the first half, the Warriors is 13 points ahead, everything looks so smooth. But in the fourth quarter, the warriors seem to all the players have lost his touch. The whole fourth, the warriors only get 14 points, their attack in the end what is the problem? Coach Cole was blunt: “we have a lot of quick shots, too fast. At the end of the game 5 minutes, we were 4 points behind, but we acted as if the game had been just 20 seconds. Five minutes is long enough, we should know how to play the game. We know how to pass and move, and create our own rhythm to cover and cut in. In fact, most of the time we are in a hurry to shoot, completely lost their rhythm. We lost our balance, and this is related to the rush of shooting. We are always trying to solve the problem in one or two rounds instead of patiently making our own game. This is definitely where we need to improve.” Curry on these shot selection when said: “before the game, we have a similar shot. Sometimes the ball is in, and we get used to it. We have to go back and take a good look at the video, in the end what is the problem.” Champion striker Green admits: “we are too anxious to attack, there is no doubt that we lost the original balance, leading to the final defeat.” Thunder made 10 Mistakes in the first half, and in the second half they just made a mistake. Cole admitted that the team’s defense in the second half was a problem: “I don’t know if we’re not aggressive enough in the defense, or if they’re dealing with the ball better, it should be a combination of both. We had too many foul play in the second half, and it was a foul in the third quarter. I don’t know how many times they got free throws in the third quarter, about 14-15 times, every time we managed to get our own line of defense, they got to the line MODE ADIDAS NMD RUNNER GRIJS WOVEN POWDER BLAUW WIT ONLINE If you look at these free throws carefully, this is the main reason for the result. They 32 penalty 22, we only 17 free throws. Only a few foul shots are a deliberate foul at the end of the game, and it’s not a good defense.” Thunder coach Donovan was on the team’s performance in the second half of the praise: we have the first half of the error is very bad, the second half of the error control is very good. I felt that in the first half we were able to make some choices in the first half, and our team made a decision in the second half to be more cautious. As I said before, we are not a perfect team, but our players have been trying to improve their own problems.” This is also the first time Cole took office, the first game in the series to lose. When it comes to the next game, Cole said: “we do not do well in the big sub portfolio, to go back and find a better combination of ways. Now that we’re 0-1 behind, I think I don’t have to stress to our players, how important it will be in the next game. They know what to do, oh, we’ll play better in the next game.” Author: Liu Tiangang