[NBA] said Barkley loathed Cole: we have a warrior alliance public enemy

Zhang Qiang was reported in Oakland in December 3rd for the warriors coach Cole, the two day of joy is mixed – he won the league the first month West coach of sorrow is the last night of double overtime loss to Houston is sad, and he admits the warriors have become enemy alliance, the team to beat the warriors for his goal and joy. In October and November, the warriors 16 wins and 2 losses, leading the entire league, Cole therefore get the best coach in the west of the first Western title. After training today, a reporter congratulated him to receive this honor, Cole seemed very indifferent, “we have the best record, so got the prize, this is the alliance operation mode. It is the team members who work together to bring this honor.” Start to the season, the warriors was 4 wins and 2 losses, but after a 12 game winning streak into the fast lane, stride forward singing militant songs. Unfortunately, this wave of rocket winning streak was broken, the night away to double overtime to beat the defending champions West, morale. At the same time, this also let the warriors lost to the team with deep hatred and resentment, sigh, about last night’s game, Cole said today: “we started playing too well, give them five or six layups, then Anderson’s goal is three points. After that, we have to keep fighting, trying to catch up, but there are still some mistakes in the process, the offensive and defensive ends have made a lot of mistakes. Obviously, our opponents are better prepared than we are, and we can’t think of winning as we should, we should start to play better.” But before the season, the road is still long, Cole hopes the warriors could learn a lesson, “this is a very good learning experience, we should play better, more aggressive, especially on the defensive end, we will make fewer mistakes Pinqiang more PUMA SPEED CAT 2 9 MID TRAINERS DARKKHAKI DISCOUNT ” After Durant joined the warriors, the team looked more at ease, but they face external environment may be more severe, because they are a lot of people in the eyes of the “villain”, “enemy alliance”. This point, Cole empathy, “other teams will have our name on their schedule on the circle, everyone wants to beat us. Because we are in a position, so we can not have any idea, that victory will come very easily.” What is more, NBA legend, TNT commentator Charles Barkley has not been in love before the warriors, warriors have won, “he sneered jumper to win a championship”. Champion took the title, Barkley still do not change the mind, he recently said that the warriors fight is a girl ball, he did not like. A reporter about the comments of Barkley, Cole smiled and nodded and said he knew that Barkley was very hate warriors, “we have not talked about this matter, but I think things have come to this point: if we are the team went to Charles’s home, he will certainly blunt we scream,” from my home! “. That’s the way I feel.” Author: Zhang Qiang