[NBA]NBA the most sad reminder of the end to usher in the first show

Since in 2014 NBA draft first round after the third overall by the Philadelphia 76ers selected, gifted force center en bide has yet to complete person’s NBA debut, USA Today reported. 76 team coach Brown – Bret for the fans to bring the good news, he is very convinced that Nebid can be in the next season, the opening of a career first show. Brown said: “Nebid has been restored, and his feet are ready. I think everything is ready for him, and he’s been on track to meet the first year of NBA’s career. In his first year, I will have to limit his playing time. We’re going to let him get to the game. However, I have felt that he is eager to play basketball.” Under the leadership of the brown, 76 person of teams in the past three seasons a total of only made a record of 47 wins, it can be said is too horrible to look at. However, the 76 team in the array has also been hoarding a lot of excellent inside big. The Oka Fukumoto season can team with 17.5 points and seven rebounds and 1.2 blocks, and Noel also field can team with 11.1 points and 8.1 rebounds and 1.8 steals and 1.5 blocks. In addition we de, a team of 76 people also has a European genius Dario sand odd signing right. Saric was selected by the Orlando magic in the 2014 draft, but then he was traded to the 76 team in Philadelphia. It is understood that Saric is also likely to enter the NBA next season NEW BALANCE 996 WOMEN YELLOW DISCOUNT 2014 session players, Wiggins and Jabari Parker et al have grown as the core of their team’s main force, Gordon and Levin in the dunk contest also has a wonderful duel. As the most popular player in the genius inside, but so far we de game did not play. Nebid in his rookie season did not start because the right foot fracture surgery in the season. In the second season, Hornby’s right foot recovery is not ideal, he had to once again accept the right foot surgery and reimbursement of the season once again. However, although not to show their strength on the pitch, we de body there is a surprising change. It is understood, Hornby de on the sidelines during quietly tall 5 cm, at present his height has reached 2 18 meters, height can claim to be a giant inside. For the lack of a strong alliance inside, we return to Germany is still very worth the wait. Author: Hu Hu