[NBA] Loew came on as a substitute? Lu: I’m not sure he understood any of my decisions.

In the absence of Kevin Loew, the knight in the third finals victory over the warriors 30. If not out of the accident, Loew will be back in G4, how to use him, will be a big suspense knight. Tyronn Lue said in an interview, he’s still not sure whether he will let Loew off the bench. “I haven’t made a decision yet.” He said. In the third game, Knight let Richard Jefferson hit the first round, LeBron transferred to the striker position, has received the good effect, LeBron on the defensive end para Drummond – green, let him had just six points UNDER ARMOUR CURRY THREE WHITE NAVY BLUE RED CHEAP NEW MENS SHOES FREE SHIPPING Knight team offense are playing more smoothly, the players are no longer hesitant. LeBron on Jefferson is also full of praise, said: “he is professional player, in this stage of the game today, he will seize the opportunity to perform. He will play for the team, he knows what his role is.” If Loew return to the starting lineup, the knight’s play is bound to usher in the adjustment. But if they give the opportunity, the consequences will be very serious, to win the championship, they can not afford to lose at home, 1-3 behind the opponent’s results. JR- Smith certainly said that the presence of Loew can make the knight to play better, but he can make the knight in the series to play a higher efficiency has yet to be proved. Knight did not have much room to make mistakes, so how to use Loew in G4, can be said to be the greatest challenge of Lu’s short career in coaching. Lu also believes that no matter how he made the decision, Loew will understand. After all, playing to the finals, no matter which star, the team needs to be put in the first place. “I will say directly, they may temporarily difficult to accept, but according to my experience, I know must be candid with the player, if the truth, they can understand.” “It may be a while,” Lu said. “But they will understand that you have made the right decision, and they will respect you for your honesty.” Author: Kewell