[NBA] Scott: LA5 years to win the magician’s wife: or invited to join KB

February 22nd reports: Recently, the Lakers management earthquake level personnel changes, the magician Johnson exploits players to become the new president of basketball operations, while Kobe broker Palin became general manager of the new card. The magician’s wife insisted that her husband would be the one who brought a twist to the Lakers, and that, if appropriate, the magician should invite Kobe to join her. The former coach of the Lakers, but also the former teammate of Byron – Scott is optimistic about the changes of the team, he even rhetoric the Lakers will be in five years to win. People can not help but think: “Kobe left to join the Lakers management how far?” Served as coach of the Lakers in the 2014-2016 years of Byron – Scott received a video interview with TMZ, he a player 10 years ago with the magician played, the two side by side won multiple championships, Shendu, magician and even wrote a preface for his book. Scott said, the magician’s Lakers can win the championship in 5 years, “he is a winner, he has always been a winner.” The reporter asked: “if the magician tells you that he wants you to join the Lakers, how will you respond?” Scott answered without thinking: “first of all, we two brothers, together we won the championship, until now still maintained a close relationship. I will consider this question carefully. But for now, I’m just very happy for him and I’m looking forward to what will happen next.” The magician’s wife, Kuqi, had a brief interview with TMZ on the road, and she said excitedly: “he will be a seamless connection with the Lakers, you know, he is an out and out ‘Lakers’ SUPER DEALS PD814605GV PANDORA DISNEY, MINNIE ICON It’s a great thing, and I think he’s going to make a difference for the lakers.” Reporters continue to ask: what do you think he should do?” The magician shows the side of his wife and she waved their hands, said, “I don’t know anything about business, I can’t answer the question.” She also said that if Kobe is right, she believes that the magician should invite him to join the management. Author: Small Red Army