[NBA] Raptors Coach: Although G1 defeat but still have a chance

The Raptors today and Knights of the Eastern Conference finals G1 confrontation, although played a good start, but soon the Raptors was knight. After a big deficit, 84-115 lose. After the game, Lori praised the Knights guard Irwin performance. Today he scored 27 points and 5 assists, helping to establish the tone early Knight victory. “He now play amazing performance,” Lori said. The Raptors striker Carol pointed out that the Knights rest for a long time, this is a big plus. “The knight looked like a team that had rested for 9 days, and we were like a team that had just finished a series of games,” Carol said. The Raptors in the first round, the second round are and opponents hit the tiebreak, and knight of rounds are sweep cut, so the rest of the time is very long. When it comes to the G1 is surprising, the Raptors Patterson said indeed, because “didn’t expect to lose more than 30 points.” Today the Raptors spear Lori and DeMar Derozan did not get 1 free throws, although two people on the court playing time more than 30 minutes. DeRozan said they should have been more aggressive. “We must from began to hit this kind of point of view, to as usual to play our aggressive,” Derozan said. “I think today we have not been done this, until after the tournament section to play aggressive.” The Raptors coach Casey is still relatively optimistic, he said: “although the score to see the ball lose very embarrassed, but this is only a game just. This series is not over.” “I think the knight is a more active and more agile team today,” said Casey. In addition, Casey and the Cavaliers coach Lu also has many origins. In the previous two years, Casey was trying to hire Lou to join his teaching assistant team, but eventually Lu chose to go to the knight, joining Blatter’s assistant team NIKE AIR FOAMPOSITE PRO “ASTEROID” FIRE/BLACK/TOUR YELLOW NEW RELEASE Author: Qiao Tete