[NBA] library 26+10 0-1 home court negative thunder Warrior

Oklahoma City thunder team in the Western Conference finals won the opener and grab the home court advantage. Wesbrook had 27 points, 12 assists and six rebounds and 7 steals, Kevin Durant scored 26 points and 10 rebounds, they lead the team in the second half comeback reversal up to 14 points behind, the Golden State Warriors of the distal segment of the team and only 14 points, the thunder team in the Western Conference finals first battle guest 108-102 win. The thunder team to lead 1-0, they got the home court advantage, second game series will continue to stay in Oakland. Recommended reading: the review of the game: Thunder Westbrook’s 27 points, 12 assists and six rebounds and 7 steals and three turnovers and Kevin Durant scored 26 points, 10 rebounds and three steals and 5 times mistakes, Adams was 16 points, 12 rebounds and 2 blocked shots, Ibaka has 11 points and 11 rebounds, Witters get 10 points and four assists, Kanter get eight points and six rebounds. The warriors of the library 22 9, one-third of the ball 14 shots in 6, get 26 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists, three steals and seven turnovers, Thompson had 25 points, nine rebounds and four assists, green scored 23 points, five rebounds and 2 blocked shots, Barnes was 12 points and 5 rebounds. Two teams after the opening is fierce, increase the turn of the score, 11 library three consecutive singles success, he leads the team to split out 9-2 small climax, the first section there are 3 minutes and 35 seconds warriors to a 20-13 lead. Kanter scored 4 points to close the gap, Isawa Li scored a breakthrough, the warriors 27-21 lead with 6 points at the end of the first section. Warriors backups are in force in the second quarter, Livingston and Andre Iguodala each 4 points, they played a small climax of 10-3, the braves the gap opened to 13 points. Thunder team suspended after Ibaka hits three points, they even after 8 points, but the warriors to respond quickly, Thompson scored 5 points, green layup, Section 2 of the 5 minutes when the warriors to 44-32 leading 12 points. Thunder team played very stubborn, Durant even throw with penalty get 4 points, he led the team played 10-0 small climax, 3 minutes and 10 seconds before halftime when the thunder team chase 42-46. At the party after a small lineup, the warriors set off another wave of offensive, Thompson hot hand hit two three ball, he even 8 points, curry also hit three, first half of 42.4 seconds warriors to 57-45 leading 12 points. Weiss in a scraping and Thompson hit together, but two people are not injured. Durant hit a jumper, Curitiba quasi buzzer three warriors, 60-47 a 13 point lead into halftime UNDEFEATED WINE RED CONVERSE HIGH TOPS ALL STAR CANVAS CLEAR RUBBER SOLES AUTHENTIC Thompson, the warriors of the half got 19 points and 5 rebounds, curry had 14 points, six rebounds and six assists, Barnes got 8 points; thunder’s Kevin Durant scored 13 points and four rebounds, Ibaka 11 points and six rebounds, Westbrook 1 of 8 shots, only three points, 8 assists and 4 times steals. The thunder in the third quarter after the start soon even after 5 minutes to narrow the gap, curry returned three points, the green breakthrough hit the jumper, the warriors to 66-52 leading 14 points. Westbrook has finally found the sight, he even take 8 points to lead the team to play 14-2 counterattack climax, midway through the third quarter when the thunder to chase 66-68. Warriors calmly face, Thompson hit two jumpers, curry and third, they help the team quickly took advantage of pull to 10 points. Wesbrook remain aggressive, with a penalty of 7 points, thunder team and the score to recover nearly. Green penalty in the two ball, Wesbrook and Adams each scored 4 points, they led the team to the end of the third quarter 12-5 counterattack, thunder team to 85-88 behind 3 points. Durant hit three points to open the fourth quarter, Witters even get 5 points, the thunder team 8-1 small climax to start the fourth quarter, they 93-89 counter Ultra. The Green’s layup, Kanter, Russell Westbrook and Adams each two points, a round 6-0 spurt let the thunder in the fourth quarter and 4 minutes 40 seconds to 101-93 lead. Curitiba corner hit three points, Green scored a breakthrough, the warriors to narrow the gap to 3 points. The thunder team suspended after two less 3 consecutive attack, Barnes turned and hit the jumper, only 1 points behind the two teams. Adams led to a breakthrough Green foul, two free throws, the fourth quarter and 1 minutes when the thunder team to 103-100 lead. Thompson break layup in, Durant got a rebound, he singles Andre Iguodala jumper, the fourth quarter and 30.7 seconds when the thunder to 105-100 lead. Iguodala Wesbrook scored a breakthrough, a dribble walking suspicion, but the referee whistled, the thunder stopped short request. At this time the warriors can only take foul tactics, Wesbrook two penalty one, they are still leading 4 points. Curry right rush to vote three points not, Wesbrook rebounded by two fouls, free throws, the thunder team to lead 108-102. The top three is still not base inside, the warriors lost, they last only 14 points. Thunder first team line-up: Westbrook, Bryan Robson, Durant, Ibaka, Adams Warriors team starting lineup: curry, Thompson, John Barnes, green, Bogert Author: Xiao Liu