[NBA] Allen retired is still “devil bun” U.S. media: play 30 minutes no problem

Reported on February 23rd: although has retired for a while, but the legendary striker Allen NBA – ray still maintain excellent sports figure. The day before, he was drying out one’s own topless photos, let the fans exclaimed strong muscle. The picture, Allen shows his physique, eight pack definitely not inferior any active player in the NBA. On the right side, he put together a photo showing the number of the scales: 195.4 pounds. For Allen’s body, the U.S. media also issued a sigh: Ray – Allen this state looks like tonight to play 30 minutes.” Fans also have to point praise, fans have contacted were trading pelicans, said recently: “the need of a pitcher, especially the best pitcher in a history.” Obviously, many fans still want Allen to return to NBA arena, continue to dedicate three shots exciting. But I am afraid it is unlikely, in November last year, Allen announced his retirement through the network’s decision to end his career in the 18 quarter of NBA. In fact, from the end of the 2013-14 season, Allen has been out of NBA, but has not officially announced retirement. In the meantime, many NBA teams have also had invited him back again, including Miami, knight team, but Allen did not agree. Until now, ray Allen remained in NBA history up to the number of hits the three ball record NIKE LEBRON 11 CUSTOM RED BLUE NEW ARRIVAL Author: Qiao Tete