[NBA]JR: want to sweep the G7 when the G4 hit

May 12th reported: knight in the playoffs this year is very smooth, the first two rounds are swept, 4-0 piston, 4-0 eagle, but the process, JR that is not easy. “It’s very hard,” said JR. “I’ve been going through a sweep, both on the side and on the side. Can do to beat the same team, 8-0 (for two consecutive years to sweep the Eagles), it is very difficult. But this shows the coaches, players and trainers team character. This is a great club. We’re ready to play this way.” “This shows that the display of courage, we have been playing the way. When the opponent (G4) from the potential, you will fall into a hostile atmosphere.” Knight in the playoffs three points in the performance has been very strong, to create a single hit three 25 points in the history of the record, JR also made a lot of contributions. “Is a repeat (practice), in addition to this nothing,” JR said, “our players are willing to sacrifice their own hands, in order to the team can have a better chance of shooting people. Loew in G4 (the Eagle) shots, I own in G2’s performance, Irwin G3, we put all these together MEN’S AIR JORDAN 1 RETRO AAA 219 NEW ARRIVAL ” JR stressed that not only is the security of outside firepower, defense is also a major key. “I think eagle to our first two offensive is very hot, at home against pure attack to beat them, but by the end of the road, we are absolutely rely on defense to win,” Jr said, “US rivals, then fight back, hit the climax, in the attack end implementation in place. It’s all because we have defense.” “To the eagle’s G4, we are playing with G7’s attitude. No matter when, when you really want something, and do it very hard, and finally realized, it is always very good, “JR said. Author: Qiao Tete