[NBA] statement: I wish the team Miami.

On May 16 reported: according to the South Florida sun sentinel newspaper, the Miami Heat in the tiebreak lost to the Toronto Raptors, the campaign ended. And the next they will be faced with a number of players in the team to renew the contract. If ranked according to the importance of the heat, the main task is to keep Wade and Hassan – Whiteside -, the two core players. And the next is two veteran striker Rolle Dunn and Joe Johnson. In addition, as the heat team’s soul Haslem will also face the problem of renewal. Haslem said in an interview: “I have a team in the heat of a great, amazing career MEN’S NIKE SHOX NZ SHOES BLACK/GREY/LIME TOP DEALS I want to end my career here. However, the above things are not what I can control, and see what the situation is.” “I mean, I mean, I’m not old,” said Haslem, who is about three weeks old and 36 weeks old. When I stand on the floor, I feel so good. I can fight, I can rebound, and I can do the work I’ve been doing all the time. Every one of the heat’s big family knows that I’m willing to fight for the team, whether it’s on the field or in the field. I’m not going to hurt the team on the pitch, and when I do, I’ll be out of the game.” Wade and Udonis Haslem is the Miami heat into the same year, despite a lack of height, but Haslem never afraid of confrontation, jagged style of play also let him gaining a reputation as a team spirit. And Haslem’s good friend, Wade, did not talk about his future. Wade in the offseason and Miami signed a contract for $20 million a year. Many of the team’s veteran also talked about their future. Deng said: “it’s sad that our season is over. When the right time comes, I’ll see what my next plan is.” Joe Johnson said: “I don’t know, I don’t have time to think about it now.” Stoudemire said: “the time to look at the situation.” But he wants to be able to get more playing time. Johnson – Gerrard, Green – Taylor and Wright, who are said to be able to return to the team. Whiteside has great progress this season, during the regular season field can be for Miami with 14.2 points and 11.8 rebounds, 3.7 times cover is alliance of capping the king. Whiteside was injured in the match series against Toronto. His injury also leads to heat inside team lost an important pillar. After the final tiebreak defeat raptors. Whiteside for the importance of the heat is self-evident, the heat also want to try to keep him in the team. After the game, Whiteside did not accept this reporter’s interview. Author: Hu Hu