[NBA] LBJ is the strongest anti? FMVP with positive and negative value battered into the slag -25 the worst

The warriors and Knights of the G6 finals ended, the warriors lost 101-115, the two sides will rush into the Seven World War ii. Iguodala today, the first appearance, but the effect is very poor, Iguodala himself only get 5 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists data. Positive and negative efficiency value -25, the worst of the audience. This year’s playoffs, Andre Iguodala played first race effects on most of the poor, the first section they tend to be lost, and lose badly. Such as Western Conference finals and thunder the tiebreak, warrior evolutions, then retreated under Barnes, Andre Iguodala first mover, the results of a table is full eclipse, the score backward. The last game, the warriors let Iguodala first, replace suspended Green, the warriors finally lost the ball. Today’s game, as the warriors center Andrew Bogut has due to injury ahead of the end of the season, so the warriors once again with a small lineup of first mover, Andre Iguodala replaces Andrew Bogut, of course, the center position is served as green. However, and before the scene was like thunder and grab seven, the warriors are very passive, was a variety of attacks by the Knights scored, again and again to fight back, the first quarter of 20 points behind. Bad, Andre Iguodala defense looks the Cavaliers and LeBron didn’t what effect, opposite played fast. First half game, Iguodala’s positive and negative efficiency value is only -21, and the audience is the worst. Section 3 hit nearly 4 minutes, Andre Iguodala to kill the basket, basket making foul and his aerial body twist, after landing also has a little lame, eventually he missed both free into. True warrior is all is not smooth. A few minutes later, Iguodala end, walked into the channel, it appears to be hurt GOEDKOPE NIKE ROSHE RUN MESH HEREN GRIJS EN ORANJE LOOPSCHOENEN ONLINE SALE TOP This is undoubtedly a heavy blow to the warriors, into the Cole era, the champion of the slogan is “people”, but in fact, the real can in the face of adversity is not a lot of players. Like rush, Clark, in such a high intensity, in such an important occasion, they very difficult to have play and contribution. After a moment, the official announced that Iguodala is a back spasm, excessive tension, the game can still continue to play. But playing or not playing, the state is the most important. From the point of view of today’s game, Andre Iguodala and Warriors team in defensive rotations do fail too, will the library for a long time exposure to LeBron, objective cause library 6 guilty of graduation. And in the para LeBron, Andre Iguodala is not anti success several times, the ultimate warrior in the library was fined under the circumstances, defeat in advance, the match has to be entered the tiebreak. Author: Qiao Tete